Friends and family have sometimes told me I take myself, life and pretty much everything else too seriously. But fuck them! I’m a disaffected white-collar mediocrity. You might even know me. I could be working in the cubicle right next to you, just smart enough to know there should be more to life but not quite talented enough to reach any of it. I don’t have a gun, well… not yet, but I’m madder than a bag of smacked cocks and this is my only outlet.

  •  If you want to send me love, hate, the hope of salvation, death threats or just the stuff that pisses you off, you can email me at: buck.frain@gmail.com
  • I’ve set up another page, THE SPOILS OF WAR, where I post some of the things people send me. If you send me stuff and I think I can put it up without going to jail, I’ll post it there.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Buck

    Spot on sir some times it can feel a little lonely if everyone around you seems to have take the stupid pill ( and thats just the countries leaders)
    Keep it together,keep the faith, and keep it real.

    Regards Shaun

  2. This blog takes the cake for the funniest shit I have read in a long time. If only there were some way to capture this brand of realism and administer it to the masses of… out there – the world would truly be a better place.



  3. Mr. Frain: I’ve tagged you for a 6 word memoir. I am a wanker: please rant about me next 🙂

  4. You sir… are a genius.

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