Victorian Police Officer Caught Dancing At Murder Scene

The Victoria Police is embroiled in scandal today as journalists captured photographs of a female officer apparently doing a ‘ribbon dance’ with police tape while cordoning off a murder scene in Bendigo.

The close community, already shaken by such a violent crime, has reacted strongly against what it perceives as disrespectful and grossly unprofessional behaviour.

A source outside the newsagency at the time said: “It was unbelievable. It was such a sombre scene and she just breaks into some sort of rhythmic gymnastics routine. A couple of people giggled and that seemed to spur her on, she was getting right into it. I just thought it was completely out of order.”

The dancing officer was allegedly pulled into line by a colleague who ushered her away from the media and assembled public, some quite disturbed by her antics in a scene that threatened to turn very ugly.

“Someone’s been murdered, for f___’s sake, have some respect.”, shouted an onlooker.

The outraged Bendigo community wants an explanation. Victoria Police has declined to comment on the matter pending further investigation.

3 Responses to “Victorian Police Officer Caught Dancing At Murder Scene”

  1. Nice one. I hope the judges give her what she deserves: a 9.128.

  2. LOL Good on her. It’s a cunt of a job so fuck’em have a dance and liven that shit up. Bendigo public get outraged over anything. FFS drop a fart in the main street and you can get hung.

  3. Jimminyfuckincricket Says:

    Where the cunt has Buckley gone? It’s been almost two years since the last post… Has he died or worse.. Has he got married?

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