Packed To The Rafters With Gormlessness!

A top psychologist has come out to warn fucking idiots obsessed with a piece-of-shit TV show that the death of a fictional character may cause them to feel an emotion. A major news outlet scrambled to alert an apathetic and increasingly gorm-deficient populace to this inconsequential drivel in the hope they could avoid having to report any of the significant events or issues that might warrant genuine social consideration.

If people start feeling emotions about things that aren’t real, they reasoned, it’s a real possibility that they may one day experience an emotion about something that is real. If this happened, then it’s down the slippery slope to people forming considered opinions about the world they live in and even taking actions towards making it a better place. This sort of thing could seriously threaten big business.

Fuck you, Australia, for taking it! Fuck you, Channel 7, for producing the flyblown arse that is Packed to the Rafters! Fuck you again for trying to disguise blatant plugs for your own TV show as legitimate news! – Yes, they seriously tried to pass plot plugs for the show as genuine news that implied that an actor had died! – And fuck you to the psychologist, Dr. Jan Hall, who thinks that experiencing emotions is something that the public need to be warned about! Are you fucking serious? I mean, are we as a society so alienated from our emotions that we need a public warning about the catastrophic grief we may experience at the loss of a fictional character on a TV show? Get fucked!

“Tell yourself it’s only a TV show, exercise to release the ‘happy drugs’ in your body, or watch a soppy DVD that makes you have a good cry,” she said.

Fuck the fucking fuck right off! Seriously, Dr Hall, do you actually think that people have forgotten the purposes and possible effects of drama? People empathising with fictional characters and experiencing emotions as a result of fictional events? What the cunting shit do you think has been going on for the last 2000 years? Theatre and catharsis – ring any bells? You fucking stupid cunt! JUST FUCKING DIE!!!

A massive FUCK YOU has to go out to The Herald Sun for giving any of this even the slightest consideration. YOUR ORGANISATION SHOULD BE OBLITERATED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE NATIONAL INTELLECT!!!

By the way, the two million people who watch that excremental suburban banality should be set on fire for their lack of imagination or taste. Gormless fucks! I’m serious, I fucking hate you all!

9 Responses to “Packed To The Rafters With Gormlessness!”

  1. You said it!
    Try losing an ACTUAL spouse in a car accident like I did. …or an actual real-life father like my kids did.
    I am over being compared to a fictional TV character who will no doubt “get over it” and move on within a few episodes.
    Fuck the Rafters!

  2. puppysparkes Says:

    I only heard of it the other day when people starting posting about it. Forget xannex, the positive thing is that it could seriously cure insomnia. Insert golf clap for another brilliant observation.

  3. Seriously? Someone ‘psychologist’ thinks emotions are dangerous?
    In that case, being female, I am an ATOMIC WEAPON!

    Fuck. That’s fucking hilarious.
    What will these fucktards come up with next?

  4. If Mickey Mouse died, I’d be a bit sad for a few days … but I’d move on. hee hee!

    note: I wouldn’t be sad if Mickey Mouse died … I just made that stuff up. Are you angry with me? hee hee

    double note: people need logicologists … or bullets to the head maybe.

    triple note: good to see you back railing against things that no one outside of Australia really gives a rat’s shit about.

  5. It’s been a while between posts, have you run out of things to be angry about? Even at christmas??

  6. Psychology: my favourite fake science.

    • hardly a fake science when researched/ applied in the right way…
      sadly it doesnt exactly gain any credibility when clowns like Hall are about.

      More importantly props for the post, that show licks the bag and it and shows like it are the toxic bile that fuel the worlds mediocrity.

    • Hi Bob- I’m an unemployed research psychologist, so I’m not peddling any of my fake science at the moment. Wish me bad luck! I’ll wish you bad luck as well! Any psychological responses on either of our parts are purely fake.

  7. Most peeps ain’t too clever at all- some really do crack up over TV characters carking it because they haven’t got enough real friends. It’s sad and a bit WTF, but there you are… Now I’ll shut the fuck up and go back to me own blog!

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