A Vote For Abbott Is A Vote For Al-Qaeda.

It’s a big call but I’ve had a gut-full! The federal election this Saturday is vital to the future of Australia. I survived the Howard years when the ironically-named Liberal Party stomped all over public opinion and consistently fucked the little guy in order to pump up the wealthy. I watched while the majority of Australians voted them in time and time again against their own interests. I still don’t know how and I still don’t know why. I can’t go back there. I FUCKING WON’T!

I’ve heard the parrot calls of RAWK! Think of the economy. RAWK! Usually coming from ill-informed cretins who don’t realise their thoughts aren’t in any way their own and that actually they’ve got big business’ hands up their arses.

I have absolutely no faith in democracy in this country because it seems to me that the majority of Australians are complacent, apathetic, ignorant and mentally lazy. We’ve had it good for so long that we don’t feel like we have a responsibility to educate ourselves to what’s really going on and to have an opinion about it. Although I love Australia dearly I don’t think I have any choice but to take a stand. If the good people of Australia are hell-bent on choosing the interests of a handful of wealthy individuals who care nothing for the environment or the future of Australia or its citizens, over the future of this wonderful country for themselves and their children, then I have to do something.

I have no influence and as has been repeatedly pointed out to me, I have no power. Other than choice. If you vote for the Liberal Party you have no soul. You have no compassion. You have no concern for the environment, or healthcare, or education, women or technology. You have no compassion for the people who flee terrible circumstances in other countries for a better life like the one we enjoy here. I read that at our present rates it would take 20 years for the flow of boat people to fill the MCG. That’s not a lot of people. Especially considering the strength of our economy and the size of our nation. Especially considering that these people want to work and contribute to our country to make us all stronger and richer. Many countries with far less resources do far more for people in trouble. We could do more if only we stopped thinking about how scared WE are and gave a thought for how thankful we should be for all we have and how we might share it with people less fortunate.

The mining companies in this country are grandmotherfucking cuntingly rich bastards and they’re only getting richer and they’re getting it from taking OUR very finite natural resources. I don’t mind anyone making money but Abbott doesn’t think the Australian people deserve a share of this wealth. He won’t tax those rich fat cunts!

If Abbott gets in this Saturday I’m joining Al-Qaeda and fuck you all!

Harsh? Fuck it. What else is left? If a country blessed with so many beautiful, wonderful qualities can choose fear and mean-spiritedness by a majority; if democracy can be rendered meaningless by propaganda that doesn’t even make sense; if people are so stupid that they will vote for a sport-obsessed, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, religious fundamentalist with no economic acumen and who is a self-confessed liar and committed to making ordinary citizens carry the bill for the lifestyles of the rich and shameless; I have no choice left but to declare war against such malevolent, wilful stupidity.

I will join Al-Qaeda if Liberal win on Saturday.

So, I don’t care who you vote for. It’s your vote and you should think about what the various parties and candidates represent and vote according to who you think will best serve the nation’s interests and contribute best to the future of Australia. By “think” I actually mean use some critical thinking, use some analytical skills to see what’s behind the P.R. hype, not just decide based on who you felt handled Mark Latham’s handshake best. CUNTS!!! Whatever! I’ve said my piece. Do what you want, but a vote for Abbott is a vote for Al-Qaeda, so don’t complain when you vote that smarmy wank-stain in and I blow your fucking shit up!

Stupid fucking monkeys!

13 Responses to “A Vote For Abbott Is A Vote For Al-Qaeda.”

  1. Ruby Roberts Says:


  2. Sue Corbett Says:

    My sentiments exactly. Buck Frain for P.M.!!

  3. Let’s put this into perspective, shall we?

    Gillard is a better candidate than Abbott, that much is obvious.
    The beef in my meat pie is a better candidate than Gillard. That too is obvious.

    Therefore, elect the humble meat pie as PM.
    At least that way you know you won’t get bullshit.

  4. Sweetchief Says:

    Just lips and more arseholes in meat pies

  5. Fed up Mike Says:

    My daily frustrations once again eased by your therapeutic words. Thank you.

  6. I assume this Al Qaeda fellow belongs to another party … that is not Liberal.

    note: why is a political group called a “party” anyway?

  7. ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [particolored] ): from Old French parti ‘parted,’ based on Latin partitus ‘divided into parts’ (from the verb partiri).

  8. Thanks for voting for Gillard you complete moron. Now we have a country that is so fucked up, run by a bunch of extreme left wing greens, cost of living so high that war heros that fought for your freedom not able to pay their power bill and immigrants who think this is heaven where they dont have to work and drive around in the latest cars. Once again, thanks dickhead, and to the rest of you that also wanted a change, THANKS.

    • You’re welcome, ignorant middle-class reactionary fuckhole! I think it’s safe to assume that democracy is effectively wasted on this country. Gillard may be a pretty lousy politician but placed next to Abbott’s Catholic-extremist Nazi regime, she’s the lesser of two evils. Your sarcasm doesn’t really work in this forum. Enjoy 🙂


  9. BF you’re back!!!!
    How about a new post cunt?! I need a giggle.
    Don’t tell me you’ve found inner peace!

  10. Alex McDonald Says:

    Fucking dumb shit cubt. DIe in a fucking hole

  11. Alex McDonald Says:


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