Judge For Yourself.

There is a point at which ignorance becomes evil and just makes me want to murder people.

A QUEENSLAND judge has found the terms “nigger” and “sandnigger” are not offensive to a reasonable person.

This article just made me want to build a scud missile out of my neighbour’s VW, some left over fireworks, municipal pool supplies and blow the living shit out of Queensland with it. WHAT THE ARSE-FUCKED-OLSON-TWINS IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? 

Senile bogan shit-sack Denis Mulheron, 62, of The Gold Coast (above) sent a disgraceful hate-speech-laden fax to Queensland lawmaker Peta-Kaye Croft under the misguided notion that as a bigoted white man someone should listen to his stupidity. OK, that’s bad. I know opinions are like arseholes, in that everyone has one, and Mr Mulheron certainly appears to need the shit flushed out of his. However, even in the Neanderthal state of Queensland, there are laws against racial vilification and, thankfully, Mulheron was charged with using a carriage service, i.e. the fax machine, to menace, harass or offend – this offence carries up to three years’ jail. 

I’m not saying he deserved to go away for 3 years. I am certain, however, that the case should not have been thrown out and I’m even more certain that Magistrate Michael O’Driscoll is criminally wrong to suggest that the above terms are not offensive to any “reasonable” person. This is what he said. This is what he ruled. 

I know a couple of reprobate white people who would probably agree. They also are wrong. However, I do not think any of my African friends nor any of my Indian, Middle Eastern nor Indigenous friends would agree. Everyone I have spoken to about this said that they would be offended by the terms and Mr Mulheron’s comments. According to O’Driscoll’s ruling, all of these people are not “reasonable”. Magistrate Michael O’Driscoll is saying by his ruling that non-racists are unreasonable. He’s saying that almost everyone I know is unreasonable to be offended by something that, in any other country I’ve lived in, would be understood by the general populace to be offensive. 

If that is not racism I don’t know what is. A member of the judiciary in this country has just rubber-stamped racism because he, as a white man, doesn’t find vilification of non-white people offensive and deigns to say anyone who does is not “reasonable”.  Magistrate Michael O’Driscoll should be fired and jailed. I’m all for freedom of speech and expression but with that comes responsibility. Freedom cannot extend to the freedom to malign people based on race, gender, sexuality or faith. If it does, that freedom is worth nothing because it protects no-one except the person who already hold all the cards. The flames of racism in Australia do not need to be fanned by anyone and the racist bogan masses of the cultural rectum of this country don’t need any encouragement.

By the way, if you’re a white person who doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with this decision please don’t bother to comment here. I don’t care to hear your ignorance. You don’t get to tell me how you’re white and don’t care if someone calls you cracker or pom. Fuck you! Fuck you to death with a jack-hammer! IT DOESN’T COUNT! YOU ARE THE PRIVILEGED  MAJORITY THEREFORE ANY MOMENTARY PAIN YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED BY FEELING DIFFERENT IS INCONSEQUENTIAL COMPARED TO WHAT IS EXPERIENCED BY GENUINE VICTIMS OF RACIAL OR CULTURAL VILIFICATION! YOU DON’T GET TO CASH IN AND PLAY THE VICTIM HERE SO FUCK OFF!!! 

To all the rest of you: have a nice day 🙂

9 Responses to “Judge For Yourself.”

  1. I believe this is the same man who was recently ordered to pay $50,000 compensation (plus costs) by the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for “persistent and serious direct discrimination in the provision of goods and services”.


    • Buck Frain Says:

      I hope to the flying spaghetti monster that you’re right. That would go some decent way to restoring my faith in justice in this country.

  2. I remember a tv announcer having to apologize for using the word “niggardly” … even though it has no connection with the other “n” word.

  3. Although the term doesn’t offend me (white guy)… its a term that offends the people that its directed at and other PC people.
    He needs an arvo with the amazing Jane Elliott who does the moving Blue-Eyes/Brown-Eyes Exercise in discrimination.
    She did an Australian Doco called the ‘Stolen Eye’. Well worth watching, most are… the Canadian one is great too.


  4. donna maria morello Says:

    denis mulheron is a great guy 6 children big donator to charities takes handicaped children on his boat he loves australia but not the garbage muslims and niggers the labor party is letting in he is a good catholic so is the magistrate he has worked hard all his life and is a self made millionaire ishould know i am his sister

    • Well that explains a lot. The rich are usually allowed to get away with whatever they want no matter how reprehensibly evil it might be and having a mate as a magistrate can’t hurt, can it?

      Thanks for the info Ms Morello, it’s heartening to see that vitriolic racism is a family trait. You and he are both thoroughly disgusting human beings.

      Just because a fat rich wanker rights off some tax dollars by donating to charity doesn’t give him the right to spew ignorant hate at people who have as much right to be here as he does. Also, just so you know, being rich does not mean you are a good person; going to church doesn’t mean you are a good person either. Check your history books, some of history’s biggest monsters have been devoutly religious.

      If anyone else cares to tell Donna Maria Morello how fucking wrong she and her hateful cunt brother are, she lists her email as:


      Please drop her a line.

      • Tim Powell Says:

        Thanks buck! Coming from Nz i find this very interesting/disturbing having said that and as sad as it is Aus has a bit of a reputation for racism. How often do you get the phrase coming out of the mouth of wealthy people ‘i worked hard all my life, that’s why i am well off’ that just gives me the shits. Cause poor people are just lazy. Any time i get too apathetic about the state of the world, believing that people are too stupid or apathetic to give a fuck about what is happening i come and read your blog thanks again buck.

  5. What are you some kind of Hippie?

  6. Posted at the Sydney Morning Herald 16 Dec 2014, referencing the Lindt Cafe Siege.

    Denis Mulheron
    we should never have let stinken ragheaf sandnigger Muslims into Australia and all Muslims should be deported they are low IQ inbred violent people THe ALP and the loony Greens let 55.000 illegal Muslims into Australia they have blood on their hands

    mark mottram
    Denis Mulheron you really have serious mental problems you piece of shit ! 

    Denis Mulheron
    Mark Motram I am not a stinken turdskin curry muncher like you a sandnigger lover a Muslim apologist why do not you fuck off back to the shit hole you came from

    Jon Bunch
    Denis, have some basic respect for the mother that just got murdered. What if her kids saw that?

    Denis Mulheron
    Jon Bunch her children should know their mother was killed by a low life stinken raghead Muslim sandnigger so you can fuck off I tell it like it is

    Jon Bunch
    Denis, my uncle taught me not to argue with idiots. First, they drag you down to their level, then they beat you with experience.

    mark mottram

    Denis Mulheron
    The Germans are a white superior race to any turdskins or sandnigger Mushits

    Denis Mulheron
    How did you know I am German

    mark mottram
    Denis Mulheron
    Jeff Manny I would like to bash the shit out of you you fucking sandnigger loving cunt fuck you I hope a terrorist kills you and your family how can you defend this Muslim piece of shit you dead cunt

    Denis Mulheron
    Mark Motram the Germans were in the right pity they lost the war

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