In Contempt Of Court.

You fucking bet I hold the Federal Court ruling yesterday in contempt. Justice Jacobson has proved himself to be either a congenital moron or a corrupt motherfucker when he handed down a ruling that the Men At Work song Down Under plagarised the late Marion Sinclair’s children’s song Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree.

I scoffed at this case when I first heard about it because it was so ridiculous. The songs are nothing alike and the flute line in Down Under that is the cause of this law suit is in no way a substantial enough portion of the song to warrant anyone giving two shits about it. The fact is you’d have to have been living in another galaxy not to have heard this song in the early 1980s and nobody complained about it then, not even Kookaburra’s then-alive writer, Marion Sinclair. 

However, when smarmy cockface Norm Lurie of Larrikin Music Publishing got his filthy mitts on the rights to the old kids tune’, he saw a dazzling opportunity to defraud legends and genuine Australian song writers Colin Hay and Ron Strykert, and their label EMI,  of hard-earned income from their own creation. 

Painting himself as the underdog against EMI, the truly cuntful little man Lurie made out he was just trying to set the balance right for poor-dearly-departed Mrs Sinclair. What a lying old fuckbag! His case was nothing more than a cynical attempt to legally steal from Australian artists by a multi-national. 

I’m so angry I could just shit my own pants! Fuck you Justice Jacobson! Fuck you Larrikin Music Publishing! Most of all: Fuck you, Norm Lurie! I hope you get arse cancer and die! 

Down Under is an iconic Aussie song and while there are many things about this country I don’t like, some things are sacred. Stealing a seminal work of pop culture from the artists who created it is a shitting crime and Norm Lurie and his cronies should be doused in petrol and burned alive. I admire the hell out of Colin Hay for being able to keep his cool over this and I hope to fuck they can appeal this decision and get some proper justice, because when the justice system fails as badly as it has in this situation all I can do is pray that there are armed vigilantes like Paul Kersey out there to set the record straight!


Anyone wishing to communicate their displeasure with Mr Lurie in person can use these:

Norm Lurie – Dirty Cunting Shitstick Opportunist.
Tel: +61 2 8252 6200

9 Responses to “In Contempt Of Court.”

  1. Mate, you nailed right on the head, it should be illegal to purchase the copyright to songs like kookaburra once the original author is dead. There’s no way the lady that wrote this song would have condoned such bloodsucking opportunism especially using her ditty as a cover for their blatant greed. Norm Lurie you should be ashamed, you’re not an Australian by any measure.

  2. Thanks for the email link. I doubt the gluttonous scumbag will read my email but I just had to give the thieving troll my 2 cents anyway. I wonder if this fucktard Lurie has ever written a song in his life. If he hasn’t, he should shut his fucking face and sit his bloated ass back down. If he has, may he get the sniveling snot sued outta him.

    Great blog, BTW.

  3. Thanks for those words. As a fellow Aussie larrikin, you would be in favour of a class action against this guy, the proprietor of Larrikin Publishers. Why? For bringing the good Australian character into disrepute. Here are my thoughts on the topic. Cheers Neil.

    Larrikin Plunder a Joke.

    RE: Larrikin Publishing sues Men at Work for Flute Quotation.

    Who are these people posing as ‘larrikin’? They should have their name
    confiscated on grounds of being ‘down-right un-Australian’.

    Larrikin, noun, Australian slang: an iconic term meaning someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, capable of cutting parody, naïve playfulness, a bit of harmless fun, frequently a young man…

    …in this a case, a group of young ‘Men at Work’ in 1980 riffing on some ideas about Australiana, musing on the very larrikin nature of Australia itself. The appalling irony of this lawsuit beggars belief (to use our Kevin’s favourite term of outrage). To penalise these young men for their playfulness, to attempt to feast on the long-spent fruits of their brief success because they come from a perceived ‘land of plenty’ is beyond the pail.

    Borrowing and quotation are the stuff of musical composition. Have been throughout the entire history of western music. Since when did the ‘parody’, the quotation of an iconic melody, breach musical/artistic convention? Sue Duchamp. Palestrina and his contemporaries wrote ‘parody’ masses. For God’s sake! Sue Bach. It would be a very long list.

    Did the ‘Downunder’ composers deliberately abuse the copyright of the
    original composer? Does the flute phrase in question represent a substantial part of the song? Did that flute figure significantly affect the success of song? Was the Kookaburra tune clearly perceived as owned at all, or rather as an iconic Australian folk tune?

    The issue here is not a matter of the ownership of the original ‘Kookaburra’ tune. Not whether the quoted melody belongs to ‘Larrikin’, the Girl Guides – for whom it was written, or to Marion Sinclair – who composed it over 75 years ago and, by the way, is probably turning in her grave. Since 1990 the Kookaburra tune has fallen into the hands of what appears to be an opportunistic litigator – nothing ‘Larrikin’ about them.

    The issue is not even a matter of whether Men at Work’s little flute
    quotation from the round was intentional, unconscious theft or even parody.

    It is not whether the quotation was even consciously perceived by anyone, including the current copyright owner, until it was pointed out by Men at Work front man, Colin Hay, and the subsequent “Spicks and Specks” episode.

    Rather, the issue runs to the very core of the Australian identity. Since
    when did having a laugh, poking a bit of fun at our icons become a breach of the law?

    When did trying to fleece (by legal loophole) a great Aussie composer in the name of another great Aussie composer become a ‘larrikin’ activity? What we have here is an ‘un-Australian’ Larrikin. One who wishes to capitalise ontwo iconic Australian tunes.

    Maybe a friendly donation to the Girl Guides should put the whole
    shenanigans to bed. Larrikin, forgive the quote, but do you come from a land down under?

  4. Norm, you’re a cunt. A dead cunt. It’s times like these Hell should be real. If only Marlowe hadn’t died in the pub he could have taken Goethe for everything for ripping his Faust off, Norm. Or think of all the cunts Shakespeare stole bits from, Norm you putrid corpse’s cunt of a soul. Go register the word ‘cunt’, Norm. You fucking own it.

  5. I’m a native New Yorker living now in Southeastern North Carolina, USA. We seemingly speak the same language but there are some turns of phrase that youse use that had me laughing until I almost wet my pants. I’ve never heard the word “cunt” used as a fucking adjective. My understanding of the word cunt is that is a noun that describes a slippery slit that doesn’t smell too nice.

    Question, If I use the word cunt here in the US, can this phlegm wad cocksucker named Lurie sue me??

    Damn, I thought things in this miserable sphere of a world couldn’t by a long shot be more fucked up than they are here in the good old USA… I was wrong.

    Larrikin music and this asshole Lurie are truly shitstains in the shorts of humanity. Fuck them very much.

  6. It is in any way possible that someone from the Federal Court or Mr. Lurie himself studied in Germany ? Because that story sounds like the fucked up legal practice that’s becoming popular here right now.
    You wanna know what I’m talking about ?

    “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.”

    Yep, something like 10% of youtube is no longer available in MY CUNTRY. The same country where the idiots and cripples are no longer put into clinics but instead made “popstars” and shown on TV… Bit since the market for shit music seems saturated, and Sony didn’t sell as much of that crap as expected, they decided: No more free music videos for you.
    No more free advertising for our artists…. No more logic and sense. Just greedy Idiocy. Because this is Germany, where companies have to be protected from their customers.
    It’s now official, we’re a 3rd world country with censorship, corruption and warlord reign. All hail Lord Sony!

  7. Norm Lurie sits a pile of cash
    Merry merry king of the courts is he
    Laugh Mr Lurie, laugh Mr Lurie
    Insane your mind must be

  8. Marion Sinclair Says:

    Well gentlemen, shocked as I am by your colourful language (Peter from New York ‘s gratuitous misogyny doesn’t quite cut the mustard even on this edgy blog), I dips me lid to your unanimous contempt for Justice Jacobson’s mad ruling, given that I was chuffed beyond words when someone pointed out Greg Ham’s delightful improvised flute reference in Down Under (hadn’t quite picked up on it meself, though am a pop/rock fan!)!. For what it’s worth I pinched the tune myself from a hymn I heard in church in 1932, and God only knows where that tune came from.

    Now I hear that poor Mr Ham is dead, and that it is being said that his heart was broken.

    I am deeply saddened that my happy little Girl Guides tune, so lyrically and sweetly alluded to by the immensely talented Mr Ham and his band (whether inadvertently or not), ended up causing such pain and suffering. As a humble schoolteacher and self-confessed mediocrity, to have discovered late in my life that my tune had been quoted in their song was one of the loveliest musical compliments I ever received.

    Dear Mr Ham, may you rest in peace on one score at least – you have an eternal fan in me.

  9. such a shame, maintain the rage, please

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