Gary Morgan Eats Shit!

I don’t normally do requests but very occasionally someone sends me something that I feel I need to share. This is one of those cases. This really made me laugh – the dodgy mouth movements, the path of the turd and…is that arse hairy? Whether it’s the work of an idiot or a genius I don’t know but whoever they are they’re obviously someone who hates their boss just as I myself despise the…hmm…remarkably similar proprietor of my own workplace. Someone identifying him/herself only as fisto401 sent me the piece of artwork above in an apparent effort:

…to show the world how much of a shit-eating bastard my miserable cunt of a boss is.

In fisto401’s email to me he/she engaged in a blistering attack on his/her employer, a Mr. Gary Morgan,  describing said Gazza as

…the ultimate fucking seagull manager.

Fisto then goes on to say:

Everyone hates his guts. He’s a miserable tight-arse bastard and he can’t even throw a decent Christmas party. The old cunt’s worth millions and all he can do is lay on two hours worth of VB and some fucked old party pies. He’s such a cunt I just wish I could quit working at the Morgue and drop a shit right on his desk.

From what I can understand the business in question is a research company not a morgue. I would have to say that if your company is known by employees as The Morgue and it’s not one, you’re probably doing something wrong.  I can’t tell you whether Gary Morgan really is a shit-eating freak but I suspect he probably is. There are malcontents in any workplace but to inspire the profound loathing that damands the creation of works of angry computer art that get sent to third parties to ensure it doesn’t remain nothing more than an in joke, you really must be a serious arsehole. So, I’ll trust fisto401’s judgement and salute their unsophisticated but hilarious depiction of Gary Morgan eating shit like the shit-eating freak he almost certainly is. Ha ha ha! Fuck you, Gary Morgan, you filthy shit-eating bastard!!!



If you hate your boss and have created something funny to publicly have a go at them, please send it to and if I think it’s entertaining, justified or both I might post it here. Why? Because I’m lazy and have no scruples, that’s why!

6 Responses to “Gary Morgan Eats Shit!”

  1. Love your work Fuck Brain and malcontent employee! This is fucking hilarious.

  2. lol – if you don’t like working at RMR, why don’t you just leave?
    You’re the dumbass, you stupid inteviewer.

  3. Is that the kind of shit excreted by people who have “two hours worth of VB and some fucked old party pies”?
    I’ll be checking the bowl after the end of year party this year … to see if it looks better … or just for some reason. hee hee!

  4. Thanks Buck, your a fucken legend! 😀


    @everyone, please use this pic. I made it because I fucken hate Gary Morgan on account of him being a total cunt. Take the gif and email it to everyone u know. Post it wherever you want or can. Everyone who hates anyone should see this and I hope it will inspire them to tell the world’s shit eaters what they really are. Fuck em.

    @lol, are you Matt Morris? If you are ur a weak cunt with a massive fat arse. Hugest arse I ever saw on a guy. Your also a sleazy douchebag loser! Hope u get fucked by a horse in that massive arse, ya bitch!

  5. Matt Morris Says:


    no, that wasn’t me. I’m not the only one that thinks that people obsessed with a company they have worked at for years are pretty pathetic.

    Learn how to smack talk. Telling everyone that you’re fascinated by another males arse and would like to see it being sodomised by a horse is not a way to express yourself without others wondering about your motives. I’m straight, sorry to disappoint.

  6. This is f’kin great… I google avian-swine flu while bored and find you… This is good shit.

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