God is Love, eh?


If ever the atheists of the world wanted proof of the non-existence of God, surely it must be right here in front of our faces in the fact that The Catholic Church still exists. An organisation that exploits the poor, promotes the spread of AIDS, protects paedophiles and war criminals, hates and discriminates against women and gay people and imprints its members from birth with fear of eternal torture beyond their wildest imaginings for failure to conform to its dogma…oh, and the guilt that they deserve said eternal torture. Surely if the omni-present, omnipotent, compassionate deity they worship actually existed, He would have blasted their cult from the planet’s surface Sodom-&-Gomorrah-style for its blasphemy!


I imagine you’ve read about the 9 year old girl in Brazil who was impregnated with twins by her step-father. Under Brazilian law a woman may only have an abortion if either she has been raped or if the pregnancy threatens her life. This case met both of these criteria. If the victim carried the twins to term they would almost certainly have killed her due to her small pelvis and in that event it’s doubtful that the twins would have survived either. YET, the local arch bishop has excommunicated the girl’s mother  and the doctors involved for their participation in the abortion – a crime against God. And the Vatican has approved the move!  That’s right, according to men who base their entire lives on a specific reading of an incomplete book of 2000 year old fairytales, the doctors and mother – trying to save any semblance of life this poor girl might salvage – are the criminals. On the upside, the rapist step-father is still welcome in church, or at least will be if he ever gets out of jail. He may have raped his step-daughter and her disabled sister for three years but, fuck, nobody’s perfect! WHAT THE CUNT???


I tend to believe they’re all better off without the church. But, Hell, I believe the world would be a better place if every organised religion in the entire world was dismantled and their vast capital used for the betterment of humankind rather than being allowed to continue to enslave the under-educated with superstition and cheap con tricks. Unfortunately, I also believe that people should be able to believe whatever they like so long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s existence and I don’t really have any power so the bastards are pretty safe for now.


The truly fucked thing is that The Catholic Church has a long history of siding with bad guys:

  • Their record of either committing, supporting or covering up paedophilia is so poor that you can’t even make jokes about it anymore. 
  • They helped Nazi war criminals and a good bit of their loot escape after WWII, and today there are bunch of neo-Nazi priests in Brazil who are denying the holocaust ever happened. 
  • Does anyone remember Crusades? That was kinda fucked up! I mean surely it’s hard to point the shitty stick at Muslim extremists after that.
  • What about the Holy Inquisition? The holocaust which claimed up to 9 million lives across europe – 80-90% of them women – but I guess they can argue that was justified, after all they sure got rid of all those fucking witches!


Organised religion is a fucking cancer! It openly relies upon and endorses people behaving like sheep – being loyal and docile and never questioning even the most absurd bullshit. Fuck that! Bring on education! Bring on curiosity, questioning, discussion and dissent! We have over 6 billion people choking up the planet, facing extinction and a representative of one of the world’s richest multi-national organisations focusses on making one small child feel worse about herself for being sexually abused and impregnated than she already does? How the fuck does a compassionate God justify that shit? Hmm…He doesn’t, does he? No, strangely, as always God remains silent on the whole thing while a bunch of sexually-repressed men who’ve never lived in the real world have to interpret His will from the ether.


God has spoken to me


Yeah, sure he has…and Elvis has spoken to me – he says you’re a lying cunt! God is not speaking to these people, those voices are just other, more powerful guys in more ornate robes, and that’s the way it’s always been with organised religion – evil men telling fantastic stories to frighten the general population into submitting to their will. A will that invariably leads to greater wealth and power for the men telling the stories. The people running the church and brandishing compassion and forgiveness are the same people who nail mouthy do-gooders to big pieces of wood for saying we should ditch the church and just be nice to each other.


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that God existed. There is no God. There is no afterlife. It won’t all get magically better after you die – you didn’t really fall for that, did you? It may not make you happy but this is as good as it gets…unless we get off our lazy arses and make it better ourselves. We created God in our own image so that we wouldn’t be afraid of the dark. Well, if we don’t fucking well grow the shit up, all we’ll ever have is darkness! Forever! YES, THAT INCLUDES YOU SMUG FUCKING CHRISTIANS TOO!!!


Stupid fuckin’ monkeys!

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  1. Funniest and most accurate take on religion I have ever read
    why don’t you have buttons to follow more of your rants???

  2. bleak, but right on. fuck organized religion, lets just start thinking for ourselves, being responsible and not being a total douche-bags

  3. I disagree entirely with almost everything you’ve written. It seems as if you are conveniently ignoring many of the positive facets of organised religion in order to take a cheap stab the Church.

    You underestimate the power of religion to bring happiness or even just simple solace to the lives of those who are most likely less privileged than yourself and don’t have the opportunities you’ve most likely had in life.

    Jesus loves. Jesus saves. What does this blog do for anyone, except stir the melting pot of cultural and religious intolerance?

    P.S Citing the Crusades and the Holy Inquisition as Church sins seems a bit weak. I could go back that far in time for any race, culture, religion or even just family tree and find atrocities.

    • QuothTheRaven Says:

      “I disagree entirely with almost everything you’ve written. It seems as if you are conveniently ignoring many of the positive facets of organised religion in order to take a cheap stab the Church.”

      Yes, and every “charity” or “good deed” you do is to keep you out of hell. Let’s face it, hell scares the shit out of you and you will do everything in your power to stay out of that place and please God. Not to please the person you’re helping, but to buy your ticket into heaven, please God, stay out of hell, spread your religion’s “mission”, and feel better about yourself.
      We all know that there will hell on earth if anyone interferes with you buying your ticket into heaven to save your sorry ass. That’s pretty much why you and your religion has to be so obnoxious and plant your believe system in everybody faces. Tell others how to live their lives, ect… Your post is about as organized as your spelling. It’s organized not organised you stupid shit.

      “You underestimate the power of religion to bring happiness or even just simple solace to the lives of those who are most likely less privileged than yourself and don’t have the opportunities you’ve most likely had in life.”

      Less privileged? Maybe if your mother wasn’t as breeder and had like 8 fucking kids your family might have more money to pay for higher education =/. I understand many weak-willed insecure people suffer for self-esteem issues and need religion to feel warm and fuzzy inside. In that case I’ll tell you to grow some balls and quit waiting for shit to fall into your lap.

      Ok, let’s suppose your right and this is God’s will to land opportunities in Atheists/agnostics laps while watching his chosen beloved people suffer. Makes perfect sense. Don’t sit around and wait for opportunities to fall in your lap, take some fucking initiative. God isn’t going to solve your problems, pay your rent, feed your ridiculously fucking large family, or buy you that nice new car. Maybe this is why Atheist’s generally have more successful careers. Get off your ass and stop praying for a winning lottery ticket, fill out a damn job application. If you can’t get the job because you lack the expertise or intelligence. Go to fucking college, oh wait your parents were not intelligent enough to figure out how to use a condom, explains the uncontrolled breeding. Probably got your low IQ count from your parents genetics as well, also explains why you fail at everything you do.

      “Jesus loves. Jesus saves. What does this blog do for anyone, except stir the melting pot of cultural and religious intolerance.”

      Yes Jesus, loves the 20,000+ parasites “intelligently designed” to feed on our flesh, and have their larvae devour our organs from the inside then burst from our flesh like a monster from that movie aliens. Every time Jesus “saves” it just like when God “grants” prayers. God/Jesus grants prayers only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts. Stir the melting pot of cultural and religious intolerance? I’m afraid you guys already have several hundred articles of pure bigotry, racism, stereotypes, and hatred.

      “P.S Citing the Crusades and the Holy Inquisition as Church sins seems a bit weak. I could go back that far in time for any race, culture, religion or even just family tree and find atrocities.”

      P.S. The catholic church currently holds the highest body count(mostly innocent civilians) of any race, culture, religion or family tree all put together. I think it it was 4-6 million that died in the name of YOUR god in only a few Crusades.

      • Buck Frain Says:

        I’m not fucking American, that’s why I don’t use fucking American English misspellings. You’ll also note I still include “u” in colour and flavour, I spell through with the old-fashioned “ough” ending, the element Aluminium? Don’t even get me started. Take your head out of your culturally stunted arse and have a look at the rest of the world. Yes, there’s a whole world out there that doesn’t need to substitute zs into words to provide some retarded phonetic comfort.

        Also, do you honestly think a blog called Buck Frain’s Angry Place takes itself this seriously? Look up spoonerism in a dictionary sometime. Sorry, it’s not there? Try “spoonerizm”.

        Eat my shit!

    • Oh Gemma, get over yourself “I could go back that far in time for any race, culture, religion or even just family tree and find atrocities” ….thats the point…

  4. @Gemma: so do we just ignore the mind-blowing hypocrisy of the church? i won’t. i can’t.

  5. I always find it amusing when a tornado rips through a US town and the people thank God for saving their lives. Just once I would love to see someone look to the sky and call God a fucking cunt for destroying their house.

  6. Religion is poison. There is no god or afterlife. Most followers want to believe in an afterlife because they can’t face up to the cold hard fact that one shot is all they’ve got. Most religious leaders take advantage of that fear for power and wealth. Youtube “Zeitgeist”. It’s a good place to start.

    @Gemma, go god-bother some peaceful innocent tribe somewhere obscure and fill them with your fear of a vengeful god because nobody’s listening here.

  7. People will always have the need to believe in something, if not in themselves, then something more superior, supernatural or otherwise invented.

    In Mexico for instance, there are a couple of sad souls who, having been ex-communicated by the Catholic Church, have resulted to worshiping Santa Muerte or Saint Death with even more dedication than they would have for the Madonna.

    here is a link on this bizarre cult:


  8. Okay, the 10 commandments are probably the ONLY worthwhile thing from religion to *me*, but I could just have easily learnt “Thou shalt not kill.” from the LAW!
    Honour thy parents? It makes sense, unless they’re abusive!
    I STILL have a violent aversion to church, and it makes me sick when my grandma tries to force me to go, and “prays for my soul”.

    Yeah, I’m a bad person because I believe in evolution and study science.
    I had to explain to her that dinosaurs did NOT live in Eden with Adam and Eve.

    AND AND, if Adam and eve had TWO SONS, Cain and Abel, WHERE’D THE REST OF THE WORLD COME FROM HUH?!

    Stupid religion, all it does is SEGREGATE people.
    Wars are started for many reasons, anyone noticed the main reasons are territorial, revenge, greed/money and RELIGION?!

    • Tedious Says:

      Western legal systems are actually based on Christian ideals, not the other way around (and Sharia Law in Islamic countries).

    • I laughed when I read this, you need to get it right, Roman Catholics are the ones that follow the Pope, we DO NOT take everything written in the bible literally, it is not against church belief to believe in evolution, protestants on the other hand believe everything written in the bible extremely literally. Get your facts straight then come back.

    • Catholics do not take everything in the bible literally those are protestants. Also abortion is just an excuse to get rid of ones problems because they were irresponsible, you really expect me to sympathize with someone who had so little self control that they couldn’t even take birth control or use a condom!

      • Oh, what the fuck is wrong with you?
        What about rape, like mentioned in said article that you just bashed? It’s a woman’s body, let her make the choice!

    • adam and eve was a story? its called the creation STROY for a reason

  9. “I’d never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member.” I think Groucho Marx said that.

  10. Gemma, religions do far more harm than good. There were likely necessary to our evolution 10k ago, but now they are like a dead and useless tail that keeps getting wrapped around our necks (Vive la evolution!)

    Supposing that mentioning historical and massive atrocities perpetuated by religion is not weak. It’s not like they don’t keep perpetuating atrocities (see the post you’ve just read for an example), and they don’t have to back up any of their actions with reason. They just said God/Allah/The Flying Spaghetti Monster wanted it to be so.

    and btw, why is God/Allah/FSM so gosh darn threatened by atheists? He/She/It can nip that in the bud quite easily by simply showing itself to all humankind all at once. why only show oneself to single persons of questionable mental health with no witnesses around?

    It’s time to lose our religion. It’s way past time.

    • “He/She/It can nip that in the bud quite easily by simply showing itself to all humankind all at once. why only show oneself to single persons….”

      Read the Bible… Jesus will return and “show himself” as prophesized…. but then, it will be to late for non-believers.

    • Actually, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is pretty cool towards atheists

      • Touche!

        and Johnathan, you read the bible. It’s not exactly like he/she/it is all that nice to believers either.

  11. Hans Licht Says:

    Nice one Buckmonster. Good to see you’re not solely preaching to the converted. The title should get you a few more hits eh?

    Thanks for your dissent Gemma. We love that here. Well I do anyway… I shouldn’t speak for anyone else. A couple of questions for you:
    1. Does the “solace” that believers experience justify the extraordinarily shitty things that religion and the religious do and have done in the name of god?
    2. Is it possible that the opportunities and privilege that we receive is the result of a good secular education, and isn’t it in the catholic church’s power to provide that to the rest of the earth?


  12. Mention anything bad about religion and voila, you get an entourage of people all bitching and whinging at eachother. People are suckers for arguing over religion, me included.

    Good way to provoke responses, though.

  13. What Kind of a sad fuck has nothing better to do than complain about religion on the internet. Its not like they’re hurting anyone
    Get a Life Douchebag

    • QuothTheRaven Says:

      “What Kind of a sad fuck has nothing better to do than complain about religion on the internet. Its not like they’re hurting anyone
      Get a Life Douchebag”Oh really? Not hurting anybody? What about all those gays that got hanged? Or all the bigotry your religion feeds, promotes, and supports? Thing is slavery was, and still is justified by the bible.

      I like how you chose Jesus as your user name. I’m sure Jesus and God approves of you impersonating his name and your attitude. Yes, Jesus approves of calling people douchebags and sad fucks. Remember it’s what Jesus would do. Some shining example of your religion you are.

      Truth be told I couldn’t of pissed on your religion better myself.

      • Buck Frain Says:

        While you’re criticising (yes, again with an “s”) people’s English skills, I think you’ll find, truth be told, you couldn’t HAVE…

        Couldn’t HAVE, wouldn’t HAVE, shouldn’t HAVE. “Of” makes no sense. Wanna play the Spelling and Grammar Nazi with me? Maybe you better bring your mum with you next time, scrote!

      • Actually, beyond the 10 commandments… Jesus said: “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.” – It wasn’t God or Jesus that screwed up that interpretation and enslaved people… mankind was.

    • I FUCKING LOVE U Says:

      “Its not like they’re hurting anyone”i fucking laughed so hard reading that sentence are u just joking?? seriously you have to be joking only a autistic kid you say say that and not joke

  14. Buck Frain Says:

    Not hurting anyone? Sorry, did you read the article? Are you at all aware of history? Get an education, Jesus, you fucking suicide bomber!

  15. “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. ” -Albert Einstein

    Well done

  16. “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”

  17. Damn.. some really angry people over here.
    Is anger really an emotion required to construct and communicate an opinion? It’s funny to me, and I’m an atheist 🙂
    My opinion is that religion is a tool of the powerful. I’d like to be the person who’d created them, because then I could use them to my advantage – to rule society, to advocate orders and other various things. Of course, most people here have negative views on the overly religious… The lunatics and the fanatics and the babbling people in church (Quite funny, really). But, aren’t there enough morons as is? People who can’t drive, for example?
    Religion is a scapegoat for mediocrity, and it does sadden me how most Western religions brainwash people (Who brainwash their c hildren and their children..) To grow up so ‘closed off’. Personally, I’m quite a fan of Eastern religions, that are more like philosophies that can coexist with various other beliefs. It builds better people, better characters – and I like nice people to hang out with, even though I could be a raving, morally bankrupt atheist 😉

    • jw but if u r atheist then wat is the point in living?

      • That is an unconsidered question. My question for you is this: is your faith the ONLY thing you get joy or value from? That, to me is a sad, purposeless existence.

        The following are a small sampling of what the point of living is to me: my family and children, joy, learning, my community, my part in the continuance of my species, lovers and sex, loss and fulfillment, helping people, using my brain, using my talents, friends…

    • The *reason* why religious people get angry when you suggest there isn’t a god… is because they themselves know there isn’t one, at least in their intellectual side. They don’t have true faith, if they did then they would pray to their god for: computer support, healthcare, a new car, etc. But they don’t. They don’t have faith that prayer will yield these things but time and again what they prove they do have faith in is the power of money to purchase all these things. Each time they open their wallet to pay for something their faith takes another hit and eventually their psyche is fairly battered.

      So when you suggest that there is no god there has to be an angry response. You’re challenging some crumbling paradigm inside their heads and it’s all they have. To lose religion for them would be to realize that they’ve been played for a sucker all these years by the men who stole their personal power and money.

      • Dude i agree with your statement, I wish people would open there eyes and realize what religion is doing to people but i guess you just cant help some people. Religion does more harm than good!!! History will tell you that…

  18. Rather on the polemical side, but spot-on mate.

    Ironic that I should find this. I was on the train today and some guy starts preaching at the top of his lungs, bible in hand. Now in South Africa, that sort of thing involves a lot of racket and amens. Now, I’m all for doing your church thing in your church, but when I’ve been at work for nine hours, kindly shut the fuck up. Do not ask me to say amen.

    But after reading this…


  19. For few the surprise will be wonderful … but for the majority … hmmmmmmmm … sad ending.

  20. Anonymoose Says:

    I have to admit, I find it truly amusing that people put so much effort into God-bashing.

    First off, why is it that everyone blames religion? We have so much war and pain caused by human flaw, but the only conflicts people care enough about to blame someone for, are religion-based. There are people who kill over ice cream in this world. Blaming all the fighting and war and blah blah blah on God is such an invalid argument. Everything causes violence and turmoil, both in history and in modern society. People blame God because they think they’re hot shit and refuse to blame themselves.

    As for people killing in the name of God, have people forgotten how they used to throw Christians into pits with lions to be eaten alive while a stadium-full of people watched on and laughed because the victim believed in God? I’m not saying Christians deserve pity or they’re more or less persecuted than non-believers, my point is that you can’t lay all the blame on them because they’ve killed in the name of what they believed was right, because they’re NOT THE ONLY ONES.

    Another issue I have with these arguments is that people get angry at God for what PEOPLE are doing. PEOPLE are not God. No matter how much most of us may act like it, we’re not. So why do we let people with twisted views of what God’s “really like” sway our view of Him? Most people who make up their mind about how hypocritical God is have never cracked open the bible. The bible makes it very clear that it hates organized religion and people trying to be “good” to get into heaven. But no, why would we actually investigate it? Let’s call the Christians ignorant when we don’t even take the time to research what they’re about. As for the validity of this “2000 year old book of fairy tales”, I’m sure NO ONE on this page has actually attempted to research it to find out.

    Since when is God threatened by atheists? The last time I checked, the reason GOD STATES He wants people to turn towards Him is he doesn’t want them to end up in Hell. Why do atheists feel the need to attack Christians? Seems to me they’re the ones who feel threatened. The idea of a higher authority is scary because it means that maybe you aren’t nearly as powerful as you’d like to think you are. It’s a terrifying thought.

    Christians have to “do their church thing” in church….but if an atheist speaks out against God in public…they’re applauded. If someone says they think God is dumb and all Christians should just keep it to themselves, that’s okay, but a Christian tries to evangelize to someone and OH GOD NO they’re stepping all over your right to believe what you want!!!! But if a Christian were to get as pissy as non-believers or whoever does when they’re told they’re wrong, there would be no end to the persecution they’d receive. You’ve gotten countless hits of people celebrating your little article here because you’re insulting God and telling people their beliefs are wrong…but if I wrote an article on how Jesus saves, you’d be all over it, telling me how ignorant and dumb I am, and how I should keep my thoughts to myself.

    I’m not saying all people who follow God are perfect, I’m not even saying that any of them are perfect. What I am saying is that the ignorance, cruelty, hypocrisy…..it’s ALL double sided. You spend so much time bashing believers, but never look at yourself. You’re aloud to bash them as openly and as much as you want, because you’re oh-so-perfect for “seeing past” God…but what makes you so much better? What gives you the right to judge all Christians? What gives you the right to play God and tell everyone what they believe is wrong, but not allowing the other side to defend themselves because if they argue against you they’re smug and ignorant? Why are you more perfect than God? And why are you better than me because you choose not to follow him?

    Because what you believe is more right than what I believe. Your beliefs are more open minded and correct and perfect than mine. I’m sorry but…that sounds pretty smug to me.

    Someone defends the opposite side…and you attack them and call them a suicide bomber? But we’re supposed to let you tell us what’s right and what’s wrong? He actually didn’t even DEFEND the other side, just told you to leave them alone…and you attacked him.

    You, a finite being who probably wont live to be 100, have the right to call a group of people with a 2000+ year history “smug”, because what YOU believe to be right and true is, in fact, absolute truth?

    You say you believe that everyone should just believe what they want and keep quiet about it…but you have the gall to tell me what I believe is wrong?

    If that’s not the epitome of hypocrisy, ignorance, and being SMUG, then I don’t know what is.

    So next time you insult other people’s beliefs, please keep that in mind.

    • Buck Frain Says:

      nob end!

      • sir lolz alot Says:

        ?wtf does nob end mean? jeez, and you were trying to be a grammar nazi back there? oh and in noticed that while the other guy grammar nazi’d you after taking apart your argument, and did so as an afterthought, you were thoroughly defeated. so you came back with the only thing you had left, bitching about not being from america and grammar nazi’ing.

    • Not telling Says:

      i’m aethist and i still agree
      people cause wars
      i’m aetjist cause god doesn’t step in to stop our stupidity

      • could it be tht god doestn step in cuz he gave us th chance to make our own choices freely to be examined after death? not trying to critize you but just wondering if you hve thought about it. i am not athiest so i dont understand

    • Just saying… I agree with your argument on the whole, but i found one flaw in your argument, in your mentioning of the persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire. The paramount reason they were “thrown to the lions” was that another religon felt threatened by their growing popularity. You cannot blame this on the atheists, for they had no part in it. The many deaths were all the result of religon. I however agree that the attack of religon is ignorant and hypocritical. I myself do not totally believe in God, but i accept that many do, and i respect that.

  21. I don’t blame god for shit. I don’t believe in god; what’s to blame? I blame religions because they are directly, unapologetically at fault for some of the worst atrocities carried out on the human race, by the human race.

    Your argument that people kill over ice cream is ridiculous. If some fucked up cunt kills someone over ice cream we put their arse away for good. It’s not normal or common to kill over ice cream. It’s outrageous and unique to do so. The same can’t be said for religion at all, and it’s not one fucked up cunt perpetrating it on one victim. It’s a group of fucked up cunts getting away with their crimes because they hide behind religion.

    I’ll tell you who’s forgotten that Christians were thrown to the lions…Christians! Christianity was a religion for the slaves and women and poor, and it was peaceful, for the time. Do you think Jesus would protect pedophiles? Or kill…anyone? He’d disown the lot of you, more likely. I’ll blame anyone that deserves it, and I can think of few that deserve it more than religions, Christianity in particular.

    You’ve never read the fucking bible. If you had, you’d know it’s one of the most violent, hate filled collection of directives and parables ever put to paper. What, you’ve never heard the joke about how to turn a Christian into an atheist? Have them read the bible. It’s funny because it’s true.

    Atheists do not threaten God; people do. You’re so threatened by an atheist you had to come here and write a fucking novel about it four months after the piece was written. You’re godamned right I feel threatened by Christians. I’ve never done a thing to them, but they are constantly seeking to interfere with MY life. I’ve NEVER told a Christian how to live. Step back and think for a minute…in silence, without the voice of your pastor creeping into your every thought. Why the fuck would a higher authority than myself be a scary thing? Nature is a higher authority – she’ll win every time we come to blows. Taxman’s a higher authority. They can kick my ass, but your god has never done a thing to me for my impudence. I’m an atheist that freely admits she has no power. You sound like someone so uncomfortable with your lack of power that you had to invent a god to explain things for you. They’ve never looked forward into their future with an idea that one shot is all you get. They think they have an eternity of do-overs.

    You are insane or willfully ignorant. Atheists are applauded for what, exactly? In the US, though there is no law against it, an atheist will never be elected president. Nobody is rewarded for such talk – they have to remind everyone of their freedom of speech. Christians evangelizing is also a right here, though you’d best think twice before doing it around me. I might just turn them to my evil ideology of atheism…. Except that it isn’t.

    How did the article insult god? It insulted organized religion in general and Catholicism in particular, and quite specifically. In fact, in your diatribe, you have not addressed the subject of this article at all. Defend yourselves from atheists? Lmao! Go ahead; defend. Tell me why the Catholic Church is innocent of the charges that Buck Frain has leveled at them. Nobody’s stopping you, much as you’d like to think so.

    • every kind of organization of more than two ppl has caused some kind of harm to the human race so y hate the christians especially?

      • I don’t hate the sinner I hate the sin as Christians are so fond of saying. Flip response, yes, and I do think Christians are either deluded, greedy or dumb for their adamant reliance on ignorance disguised as faith. But I don’t hate them.

        But yes, I think its pretty safe to say that I do hate religions, and yes, Christianity more than the others. That’s because I’m more familiar with it, and more familiar with the harm it has caused. I’m confident that I’d hate other religions as much should I become educated about them. After all, each one relies on its followers to completely suspend all disbelief.

        As to your hypothesis, it’s a bit overstated, but I do tend to hate systems that harm the human race even when they aren’t religious.

  22. must watch where quran vs bible in the light of science
    and watch how the signs in the quran have prove scientific facts a thousand years ago

  23. Brother, have you heard the word of God, your anger is only a demon in your mind blinding you to the truth you…

    No… honestly, you’re nothing more than a douche that’s mad cause shit ain’t perfect
    So what? Catholics represent God? What? Do you represent atheists? Rot in hell newfag.

  24. not all idiots are atheists, but all atheists are idiots

  25. First off. I am christian. However, I must agree with you on many, if not all points. Organized religion has warped the meaning of having faith beyond repair, and so many have used the name of God to fill their own ambitions and desires that they call sinful.
    I truly thank you for including the fact that people should have the right to believe as they wish. But when people force their beliefs onto others, and lash against others in an act of deviant righteousness, that flat out pisses me off! And I’m sure I’m not the only one. How many people have been preached to against their will, or been forced to make a claim of faith so they won’t be slaughtered like farm animals? It’s bullshit that doesn’t really have an excuse!
    Now I’m supposed to tell you how bad of an article this is, and how your going to hell, etc, etc. I don’t give a fuck. This message is right from start to finish.
    Do you see atheists trying to tell people that their belief is the only way? Or insulting the people who believe in Christ. or Buddha, or any other deity ? NO! YOU DON’T. DO YOU? I sure as hell haven’t, and it’s not my place or any other parson or priest or other believer to say what the fuck people should be thinking or saying!
    And all these self righteous ass-wipes saying who think they are above the riff-raff of true human life don’t really live at all.
    What a load of bullshit. Some Christians really piss me off.

    • true true true and ur message is clearly stated but one prblem if u wish christians to not spread their belief than wat if jesus woke up one day and said fuck them, thy r imperfect and im not dying for their sins burn in hell. take education for instance if teachers didnt push knowledge then how many idiots would there be in the world. somethings just need to be heard even if ppl sont listen and just hear

      • The Jason Says:

        I’m sorry for the unoriginality of this statement but how can Jesus wake up one day if he’s indisputably DEAD?? Furthermore, when he rolls out of bed that day is he going to ANNOUNCE it to the world that he no longer cares?

    • Christian Kristensen Says:

      This guy really gets it. Thank you Hess for your enlightenment ^-^
      I think alot of people have the exact same opinion. Its just to bad that they don’t bother leaving a reply. I guess Its because of all the bashing.

      (I guess i have to add that I’m an atheist because of my name)

  26. Not telling Says:

    This is awesome
    thought the church does help many people, its on the lower teirs of the church after you exclude the pedophiles
    not that god exist
    and yes
    god was created to help those afraid of the dark
    suck it up and step into the abyss and live alone

    • Not telling Says:

      we are humans
      live with knowledge, not fear of some higher power
      and don’t hate on the brit
      brits are awesome, even if the are christain

  27. Hey, have you guys read the Bible? Do you notice how sexist God is? God made Adam and only made Eve because Adam was only! God used Mary so he could get his SON! No daughter, just a son. Men started voting before women probably because of the Bible. Men are said to be stronger when women are. (But only because we have to give birth.) And we always have to look pretty for them. The Bible made us seem weak and it spread. Oh and there is no Godess just a God. God’s a guy. Who would of guessed. God is fucking sexist! No women did anything in the Bible just sat around!

    • actually jesus whom is supposed to be gods son spoke especially to women and even his resurrection into heaven was only seen by women not men. just saying i dont think ur seeing the whole picture on tht one

  28. Listen I am some what religious and believe in the whole god thing. If any one payed attention to the bible at all they would know that we fuck up because god gave us the ability of free will. Of course there are some major attrocities in organized religion but thats not the dieties doing, that is just the evil of the human race. Don’t blow down religion, It gives many people hope, besides you can’t prove that there is no god or that there is one, it’s not possible to do either of those. You have the right to express your thoughts none the less and I have the right as well to express mine. You are only looking at the downside, even if there is no after life, no god, and the hope religion fills people with is wrongly placed it won’t matter because if there is no after life the people will no longer be able to have hope because they are gone. So don’t judge people and what they believe in and where they put their hope.

    • P.S. To those who believe that god is sexist, The human race is corrupt and are the ones who started sexism because we where given the right of free will and took the wrong path. The human race is the one responsible for the fucked up world we live in, not a god. The animals are the only perfect creatures in the world. And the comment about the crusades, the worst thing the catholic church did was destroy the greatest warriors our world has ever seen, The Knights Templars. They one battles because they had faith in a higher power, they believed thet faith was all that was need and lived in poverty until they suffered the loss of their second Grand Master and became merchents. While they lived in poverty and lived by god they went from 8 members to thousands of them.

  29. Because there is no likely and conclusive God, all that’s to blame is humanity and their ideas, including religion.

    The bible is more than likely a collection of tales made by man with little truth (that would have been so transformed by the time it was actually written down) that is historical if anything. Same goes for all the other texts and beliefs that claim that they know things they can’t justify or derive any absolute truth from. Indeed, they have much cultural value, but only that.

    I’m not saying that I know for sure that there is nothing. There might be something more to life and existing than being born, growing, dying, and rotting, but once people begin shaping this idea and creating a group based on it, things start to become ridiculous. It’s because we’re only people. We can’t keep a grasp on things like this and leave our personal values and thoughts out of it.

    If there is anything remotely close to a god, I doubt humans would be the ones able to tell, anyway. We’re really nothing when you think of how vast this universe is, of how much we don’t know, and of how very young we are compared to the things that have existed billions of years before we came to be. To say we humans know any truth about anything so sublime is actually a rather funny idea.

    Ah. We’re such imperfect beings.

  30. sir lolz alot Says:

    penis…lol. oh, and quit arguing. winning an argument on the internet is like winning the special Olympics, makes you feel good, but it’s not really any kind of achievement for a sane person. and winning an argument about religion on the internet is like winning the “most spirit” or a like prize in the special olympics, completely fucking worthless.

    • Buck Frain Says:

      I particularly like the way you devalue the achievements of the intellectually disabled there. Classy.

    • maybe its not winning an arguement and moreover to state wat u believe to be thetruth to others tht hvent thought of such a kind of ideal? kinda lik ur asshole analogy of the special oylmpics

  31. a catholic Says:

    i stumbled upon your blog while looking for a beautiful picture of Jesus w/children… how strange that yours is what I should find… just the picture I was looking for….. but I couldn’t bring myself to read past more than the first few sentences of what you wrote. I will pray for you. Clearly you a hardened hurt person. While I understand the need to vent, get yourself a journal and stop publishing such hatefilled ignorance. You are only going to stir up hate in others, and God knows the world needs more of that.

  32. I forgive you for your hateful words, and I pray that you will one day find the strength to overcome the source in your life for such hate and cruelty. I also pray that our Lord is merciful to you, and with the power of the Holy Spirit helps to open your heart to the love that you deserve.

    • im christian too and y would u hve to power to forgive? the power only god had given to jesus whom in turn gave it to the disciples and passed on to all clergy of the church

      • I meant that “I” forgive the author for offending me.

        You’re absolutely right though; if he wants the forgiveness of our Lord and His Church, he must repent and ask “Them” for forgiveness and mercy. I am in no position to absolve him on Their behalf, but I am in a position to forgive him for offending me.

        It is never too late to repent. Although at times throughout our lives we may turn our backs to Jesus, He will *never* turn His back to us.

  33. Did you take the picture?

  34. so at my school the muslim girls or hindu girls don’t get made fun of for their religion, but i get made fun of for being a christian? and it makes me wonder because everyone is up in arms over Jesus, but no one bashes budda. that makes me think that there is something to Jesus. and by the way, i’m a Christian, but i’m not religious. the Bible even says that God doesn’t want your religion. amos 5:21-24 says “i hate, i despise your religious feasts; i cannot stand your assemblies. even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, i will not accept them. though you bring choice fellowship offerings, i will have no regard for them. away with the noise of your songs! i will not listen to the music of your harps. but let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never failing stream!” God doesn’t care about your rules and such that is religion!!! he wants a relationship.

    • There might be something to Jesus, but that’s not why the religion bashing is so slanted. Muslim leaders take full advantage of religious freedoms and loudly complain about any perceived “attack” on their beliefs. They seem to be convincing secular leaders to ignore free speech rights of all in favor of a religious propoganda machine. I think people are cognizant of that, even if only subconcsiously, and give Muslims a wide berth. I also think there is an element of danger. No one wants a jihad called down upon them for making fun of the wrong person. And finally, I believe christians are open game because people know the religion more (Muslim is a mystery for most westerners) and they are more familiar with the annoying antics of fundy christians interfering in their lives.
      Buddhists do nothing to warrant derision, really. People FIND Buddhism, it doesn’t hunt them down and tell them it is the ONLY way.

  35. yellow_foxglove Says:

    I’ve never really understood the dissent between the different factions of religion. I’ve belonged to a nondenominational church all my life–protestant–and they were the most chill people ever; gays and all forms of alternative living were accepted, so whenever a big stink was thrown up, I never truly understood; just thought people were being asshats.

    It might just be because I’m young yet.

    And I agree that English is a prettier language than American; yes, there is a difference.

  36. Hey, been reading your blog with interest. I don’t know many people who haven’t had a bad experience of organised church or religion (myself included). I happen to be a Minister with The Salvation Army in Australia and some of the things that the church does pisses me off no end. Most of what a lot of church does is not about Jesus but is about gaining power and control and then keeping it.

    I agree with a lot of what you have said and it is easy to see that you have been the victim of some pretty terrible treatment by the church and by “Christians”. I apologise to you for that. But are you really angry at God? I’ve met heaps of people that thought they were angry at God but were actually angry at the way the church and its people treated them. Free will is an amazing gift. I don’t know why God gave it to us – people have used it terribly. But I believe it is people that piss people off and turn them from Jesus, not Jesus himself.

    I applaud your focus on feeding the poor, clothing the naked, housing the homeless – this is real Christianity at work – the Spirit of Jesus is already working inside you without you realising it. I pray that you’ll open your heart to the real Jesus without all the garbage that gets attached.

  37. I FUCKING LOVE U Says:

    fucking hell man i love u,u made my day, i knew there had to be people just like me somewhere and i found them thank you proving me right that Catholics are fuck tards

  38. makikita nyo rin sya 🙂

  39. there is a movie called lord save us from your followers and its really good and the basic statement of the movie is, jesus doesn’t turn people away from jesus and the gospel of love, people do. and besides, if you believe in jesus and love him with all your heart, then die and come to find out he doesn’t exist, you have lost nothing. but if you spend your whole life hating jesus and bashing him, then die and come to find he is truely real, then you have lost everything. and forever is an awful long time to be wrong.

  40. Right, I was just browsing Google looking for some velociraptor reffs. Images and came upon this blog (Jesus Raptor – I really lold at that btw). I’d like to say that there are two defining factors which govern the world today and throughout history played a big part in shaping it. A) Religion and B) money. As we all know.

    Although I myself am an atheist and strongly support the disbanding of religion in the 21st century for the sake of progress and mankind, only time will tell for how long it takes us as a race to evolve. But that’s it really, we will evolve, beyond our little imaginary friends it’s only natural. Heres hoping it comes sooner rather than later. And as for money, well it’s kinda difficult to tell. Humans have always claimed ownership over everything that they can get they’re greedy little hands on and used one form or another of trade; to trade they’re «possessions». Lastly I’d like to add that we’re still in our «tribal» phase, yet to reach the «civilisation» stage and so it’s only natural that history will have its atrocities/successes committed either by religion and/or war.
    Ask yourself this: what if Hitler was never born or some other historical event never took place, how would the world be now? Maybe better maybe worse, one way or another its still progress and we will evolve to be better. We learn from our mistakes. Damn, Ill stop babbling on now hehe, I could go on for ever with theories facts etc as can we all, so ill put a full stop here.

    Thanks for reading and have a good morning/evening/night, peace 

  41. my name is required Says:

    you should really do some research before you take a shit on the face of a big religion like that. read the bible and then speak again. and that means all of the guys who commented. you have to know what you’re talking about

  42. gooner din Says:

    glad i found this blog! fuck these believers, they are potential paedophiliacs.

  43. my name is required Says:

    I haven’t read it all, but I’ve read enough to see that flaws in the poster’s statements.

    I agree that Catholicism is not Christianity, I do. In my opinion, Catholics base too much of their “religion” on traditions and self-made stuff. but really, get into it before just saying that the bible justifies slavery. give me the verse (from the new testament please).

    I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but you guys do.

  44. ArchangelEvan Says:

    Well honestly im a christian myself and i have nothing wrong with any of your opinions, its yours and thats where freedom of speech comes in. But ive seen people on here saying that christianity causes problems for almost everyone and bad this bad that. All I have to say is im glad im a christian cause i wouldnt be able to type this message if i wasnt one. I wouldnt have been able to get off drugs or keep from commiting suicide to. All im saying is most of the people that are leaving replies on here are basically just saying mindless stuff that makes me think its just people who dont want to follow rules, but no matter have fun with your beliefs and live life to the fullest.

  45. ArchangelEvan Says:

    oh First i see people referring to Hitler… ALOT. Well Hitler was just a man (a genius in my opinion) who went through alot of shit in his life and he had the power to do something about the people that mainly caused all his problems (jews) anyone on this site who says that if they had the power to completely get rid of the people that caused all your lifes problems you wouldnt, is well basically telling a big lie. And people just decide to go and blame all of that on christianity which its just one individuals actions. Secondly why go after christianiy of all types of religions to go after. It at least had some good ideas until it was manipulated for individual purposes. There are rediculous reglions out there look into Cuthluhism, thats a lovely religion, or satanism, woo. But either way after i post this down ill probably close out and forget about this site, which is what everyone should do, just get over your distaste for another religion and live life 🙂

  46. iki wong gendeng sitok maneh
    nang amerika ki kog akeh wong edan
    ngenyek marang sing Kuwoso
    adigang adigung koyok yen mati langsung amblas wae
    eling, yen kowe mati
    sopo sing bakal mbok petuki
    gusti Allah Kang Maha Kuwasa
    kowe bakalan isin
    ora ana nggone gawe ndelik
    saiki Gusti isih menehi urip
    tobat amarga dalanmu saiki salah
    masiyo kowe ayu lan ganteng tapi atimu ala
    kuwi podo karo kuburan
    tobat yo wong gendeng

  47. I don’t know who you are, but I really want to marry you.

  48. I find it comical, the banter set between two belief systems. I myself at one time was “Athiest” – but now am a “Passionate Follower of Jesus Christ”. The “church”, lead by a very knowledgeable pasotr, I am associated with do not like to call ourselves “Christian” simply because the worst example of Christianity is a Christian.

    We are not going to “Bible Thump” you until you believe what we believe; but would like the opportunity to clarify the obvious misunderstanding of the Gospel you so evidently have… but if you won’t allow it, then we will “pray for you” as we pray for all those that are deceived.

    Your statements and historical facts are true, although it was not God that did any of the things you bring up… it was mankind. Why does God only talk to the “educationally challenged”… that in itself is incorrect. God talks to everyone, and those that will SHUT UP and listen can hear him. The media only “popularize” those that make the phenomena look rediculous.

    How I became a “christian” after believing as you do was a terrible life to live, and yes, GOD brought me out of that life. God “Set Me Free” of the slavery and bondage my life had become. It was not until I accepted to allow myself to learn that my life began to change for the better. No more gun fights, no more drugs, no more hatred of society… and no… I did not find God in prison as one may suspect. I’ve never been to prison. I simply SHUT UP and listened… and in a moment of clairty from a drug induced fog, heard God speaking to me.. giving me the option of life or death. That’s my story… you can hack away at it as you wish… tell me my parents were uneducated… or how I was stupid…. it still won’t change my belief… as I am not suspecting to change yours…. but I’m not attacking you… simply praying you may accept the opportunities around you to actually learn about what you complain about before you say it’s such a terrible thing any more. It astounds me that you have such little knowledge of the Bible, Jesus, or God, but yet throw out bits and pieces of scripture or historical attrocities and blame God… God didn’t do it. Man did… again.

    I agree that many churches operate through preachings of “Hellfire and Brimstone”, and agree that it is NOT condusive to reaching non-believers as the Bible calls us to do. And you are correct… if you are only being “a good person” to get into heaven… it is pointless. The Bible even says so. God judges the heart, not the mind of man. Although it is probably incorrect of me to do so, I laughed and agreed with the irony of people whiped out by a tornado thanking God when they should be peved their house was destroyed… but if you think about ti, they will be doing it again next year because they will build the trailer park in the same place again. Mankinds gift of “free will” in it’s finest example. And why is it tornados always hit trailer parks?

    I agree that most Christians try to be “holier than thou”… and that is the worst example of Christianity that could be offered. As my Pastor says, if anyone of us ever finds a “perfect church” we shouldn’t be there… we’re going to screw it up. Am I (or anyone on the planet) perfect, no chance ever of that happening. There was only one that was perfect, Jesus. Do I want to be perfect, no… I’ll screw it up. But I pray I am able to do one thing better tomorrow than I did today. Maybe not get so frustrated with a coworker, maybe not flip that person that cut me off in traffic the bird…. just to make tomorrow a little bit better than today.

    If you read the Bible, it’s not about how you should conform to man’s ideals… What God calls you to do is between you and God.. it doesn’t have to be run through anyone else first. The “reverential fear” of the Lord could be replaced with “respect for the Lord”… God is not trying turn you into someone you’re not… he wants you use you to help someone. How may times have you helped someone when it was a huge inconvenience to you? When you’re done counting… God used you to help someone… wasn’t hard was it. Wasn’t impossible… and it didn’t hurt a bit.

    Does God agree with the wars, torment, or attrocities done in the name of religion… No chance. If God wanted a war to occure.. or wanted something “taken care of”… he has legions of waring Angels he can send… he doesn’t need all of these various factions fighting in his name… in fact.. read the Bible… it is one thing God can not stand. And in the end… again… it’s mankind screwin’ the pooch with their decisions and beliefs… and in reality.. most disagreements have to do with “rituals”… of which… no rituals are listed in the Bible. It does not say in the Bible that one has to face Mecca to pray at specific times of the day… but during a trip to Isreal… found that there is tention between the various “Christian” factions over that one ritual.

    So… all in all… at the point you are probably thinking… holy wind bag…. I have but one challenge for you.. It is a challenge that will require a little bit of your time, but may offer you a different insight into the “Christian” faith that you either don’t quite understand or do not know about. I challenge you to simply… for one year… become involved with a church… take part in it’s operation… “get plugged in” so to speak… Do it with the scepticism you have… hold on to your beliefs… but allow yourself the opportunity to learn about what you are complaining about…. then… you would have the right to complain about it. It’s like voting… if you don’t vote… you don’t have a right to complain about who was elected… if you don’t know about something completely.. how can you criticize it?

    You’re in our prayers… not you specifically… but all who are deceived.

    God Bless

    • Buck Frain Says:

      “I challenge you to simply… for one year… become involved with a church… take part in it’s operation… “get plugged in” so to speak… Do it with the scepticism you have… hold on to your beliefs… but allow yourself the opportunity to learn about what you are complaining about…. then… you would have the right to complain about it.”

      Then I would have the RIGHT to complain? Don’t be a berk! You might as well say I don’t have the right to complain about child abuse without trying paedophilia out for a year. You’re an idiot, Jonathan!

  49. my name is required Says:

    Ok, well. Johnathan, I guess I support you.

    There is a big conflict between Catholics and Protestants too, it’s not just Atheists vs Christianity.

    I’m sorry to whine about it, you do have freedom of speech and bla bla bla, just say what you want really.

  50. you are your personal jesus

  51. thatguy1234 Says:

    people like you are the most pathetic of all races
    closed minded redneck american hillbillys
    this shit isnt the sort of stuff people wanna read when they go on the internet
    and i hope there is a hell because when you die youll be burning in it for eternity, prick

    • Where did you learn to spell, trollguy1234? I was just wondering because a turtle could outpace you intellectually.
      Not that you’ll understand, but your first line is known as a tell. It makes no sense, yet manages to alert everyone to the fact that you’re racist.

      Not only is this THE stuff that people want to read; it’s even THE stuff that YOU want to read. I base that on the frequency of comments as well as the duration that the post continues to get comments, and how YOU have read it nearly a year after it was written.

  52. my name is required Says:

    Lol, mixing races into this stuff is just shhhhtupid.

  53. Dan(Muthafucking)Rhoades Says:

    BuckFrain! You’re ignorance really shines through….

    • Buck Frain Says:

      I think that is YOURS you see shining. You’re is a contraction of “you are”. That’s why it has an apostrophe. Fucking berk!

      • Hate to say it, but you made the same mistake (albeit in the opposite way) at the bottom of a post near the top of the page. I find it interesting that you would criticize people’s spelling in the midst of making your own errors. I also find it interesting that you even care about spelling on a page like this that is criticizing centralized institutions telling people what to do. Who decided what is “right” and “wrong” spelling? It was a bunch of old guys sitting together in a room picking from arbitrary alternatives. I acknowledge that this is a separate issue from religion, but it is still enforcement of arbitrary rules made up by the elite class to control people.

        P.S. I’m a former atheist if it matters. I’m now agnostic. It’s important to remember that a lack of evidence is not evidence of lacking.

        P.P.S. Raptor jesus kicks ass

  54. J.DeMaria Says:

    lmfao i love you man (no homo)

  55. Jesus promised the end of all wicked people. Odin promised the end of all ice giants. I don’t see many ice giants around.

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