On Filming The Ginger Minge Of Hate.


Every so often an idea comes along that is so comprehensively stupid one has to consider moving to a country where it’s easier to buy firearms. I was reading this article about idea-starved, fuckstick filmmakers Leanne Tonkes and Steve Kearney who have apparently managed to weasel over $110,000 of government funding to develop a biopic on the life of Pauline Hanson.


What the fuck???


For those of you who don’t live in Australia or remember, Pauline Hanson is a national joke that people stopped laughing at the better part of a decade ago. In the mid 90s she rose to notoriety for being an ignorant, bitter old racist fish and chip shop owner who decided to stop selling heart disease to the bogan masses of Ipswich in favour of peddling xenophobia and right-wing reactionary hate as a politician. And didn’t the rednecks love her? Half of Queensland wanted her cannonised and the other half just wanted to fuck her – sick bastards! Either way it was good business at the polls and conservative politicians all over the country got very nervous. But she was complete bollocks and after a few years everyone got sick of her crap and she disappeared in disgrace with a fraud conviction and a stint in jail. Nowadays, she’s a minor celebrity and was most recently seen on Dancing With The Stars, methinks probably because most stars thought it was a fucked show and producers needed to make up the numbers somehow.


Who the dead-cat-up-the-arse thought making a film out of this was a good idea? Who the have-a-shit-right-on-me-Jesus gives money to fuckwits pitching bullshit like this? Film Victoria, that’s who. That’s right, the state government funding body set-up to squander public money on film projects with absolutely no commercial or artistic merit and undermine an already crippled film industry. But fuck, what do I know? Maybe it’s a great idea. I mean they made successful films about Nixon, JFK and Ghandi so why not? But, oh yeah, they did stuff. They had an impact on the world they lived in. They weren’t DEADBEAT, BIGOTTED, BLOODNUT BITCHES, WERE THEY??? NO, THEY CUNTING WELL WEREN’T!!! I MIGHT AS WELL MAKE A FUCKING FILM ABOUT MY BOGAN FUCKING NEIGHBOUR – HE’S A REAL CUNT AS WELL!!!


It’s OK, I’m calm. So. Things the panel at Film Victoria should have discussed or at least thought about that may have helped them realise they were feeding a turkey.


  • What is the fucking genre? It doesn’t have enough pathos to be drama, it’s too lame to be comedy, it sure ain’t a western, there are no thrills, no sci-fi, maybe a bit of horror if you’re lucky, let’s hope to Christ it’s not porn – ew! Who the shit wants to see some poor prick banging away at the ginger minge of hate? No, it’s a biopic – the least cinematically interesting type of film you can make, so, artistically you’re fucked from the outset.
  • The biopic can only be commercially successful if there are people who are interested in the central character’s life and that can afford cinema tickets, so commercially you’re fucked as well.
  • Pauline Hanson is a mean-spirited offensive cunt and a purveyor of ignorance who has never had anything to say and has failed at pretty much everything she’s ever attempted. Why would anyone care to pay money to watch a film about her?
  • Who is the target audience? Foreign audiences aren’t going to pay to watch this shit and Australian audiences generally despise Australian films unless they’ve won significant critical acclaim or better: foreign approval first…and even then they’ll probably wait for it to come out on DVD then borrow it off their movie-buff mate and use it as a coaster. The only people who will pay to watch this dross are the middle-aged rednecks with a medically enhanced stiffy for Pauline Hanson and you’ll be fucked if you think there are enough of those old cunts to put the film into the black.


I think Film Victoria have been sucked in by the producers’ claims to have been in touch with superstar Cate Blanchett about the role. Let’s face it, people will pay good money to watch anything with a star of Blanchett’s magnitude in it. But let’s look carefully at what they say:


“She’s very busy,” Kearney admits. “It really depends if we deliver a script she likes.”


Now, I don’t know Cate Blanchett, but think about this just a little bit. Apart from being one of the greatest actors on the world Cate Blanchett is polite. She’s not me, if you came to me with an idea like this I’d tell you to go fuck your mother and threaten to kill your pets if you ever darkened my doorstep again. She’s very busy. It really depends if we deliver a script she likes. Which if she’s seen it she obviously doesn’t yet and if she hasn’t it just means you turd-polishing fucks will have to make something really fucking amazing. Maybe NOT a crappy biopic about a non-entity. Get the hint, fuckheads, she hates the idea! Maybe if you decided to make a film about something a bit less SHIT you might have some luck.


Hmm…maybe, but the poor cunts wouldn’t get any funding from Film Victoria then, would they?

24 Responses to “On Filming The Ginger Minge Of Hate.”

  1. I’m not from Australia, but I remember her in the news. She was (is) like the American Klan leader David Duke running for office in the U.S.A..
    It’s scary that at the right time, these people (term used loosely) can actually gain power.

    Ginger Minge? is that like Minge the Merciless in that Flash Gordon series? hee hee!

  2. Eeeeewwwww! I was only a kid when around the mid-90’s, but I remember thinking she was HUGELY annoying, rude, and that the best thing that ever came of her was that dude dressing up as her and singing that I don’t like it song.
    Y’know, “I don’t like it, when you turn my voice about, i don’t like it, when you vote one nation out.
    My language has been murdered, my language has been murdered, my shopping trolley murdered, my groceries just gone!
    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 racist rubbish, racist hate!”
    LOL it was catchier than the freakin spice girls!

  3. I’m usually a sucker for a bloodnut,
    But this bitch is a pain.
    The government is really funding this shit?
    Please explain.

  4. It’d be fun to trash the premier of this move if it ever gets released, like how we trashed all of her bullshit meetings in Melbourne all those years ago.

  5. I’d pay to see her in a porno, but only if it was an interracial porno.

  6. I’m still a little unsure of your feelings towards this woman. Are you saying that she made good fish and chips?

  7. Belinda Says:

    Pauline Hanson should die a slow painful death, perhaps in a similar fashion that her best friend in jail, Valmae Beck, did to someone. That someone being a 12 year old Noosa school girl called Sian Kingi. Oh yeah, its not enough to want eradication of certain races from our country who has a long history of multiculturalism. Let’s go cry about how poorly someone who rapes and tortures an innocent child gets treated in prison and by the public. ‘Oh but she’s a born again Christian and deserves to have the tax payers foot the bill for her ‘life-saving’ surgery. She has rights too!’ Fuck that! Perhaps Pauline should have taken the time to speak to at least ONE person who remembers the case in which Beck was serving her time for. What about Sian’s rights when Beck and her partner Barry Watts were brutally raping and torturing her? Hanson is nothing less than a ‘later model’ version of Adolf Hitler. I think the only real difference is the fact she didn’t get in a position of power to be able to wreak the slaughter and genocide that he did. I mean come on, who the FUCK stands up for people like that? But I guess the term red-neck is an insult to even red-necks. Pauline Hanson is not even classy enough to be considered scum from the sewer pits of this Earth.

  8. Is there any chance this film is being done as an exposé or a farce?

  9. Farces are difficult. I vote for a musical.

  10. (I just posted my first comment here and I see that it’s being held for moderation. I’m now trying really really hard to even imagine something that would be sufficiently offensive to be rejected from a blog as sublimely angry as this one. I’m guessing that a good robust sweary outburst wouldn’t even scratch the surface. )

  11. Senseiichon Says:

    You have many a wise adjectives grasshopper. i have added these legendary words to my dictionary:
    BtW i dont like her neither hun. Its ok just let it all out.. we understand.

  12. This fucking bitch cant figure out that she is in AustralASIA and not in UK or USA.
    She owes her life to thi s Aboriginal Land ,
    She is a fucking thief who has stolen money from people. She is a tax cheat, she has no self esteem , she is a female pig who eats human faeces especially from Asia.

    To be Honest she should be kept in a village in China with no money so all chinese workers can fuick her and feed her.

  13. How, Why and Since When Dirty Pauline Hanson considered herself as an Australian. is the biggest question mark for all the whites who invaded This 40,000 years old land which is an integral part of South East Asian people and their Culture.
    She herself , Her Father and Grand Father were all bunch of Syphilitic Pigs Arse. If They think an Illegitimate Invasion of this40,000 year old civilization makes them the rightful owner of this land , then they are real pigs.
    And these Idiots fail to recognize that this is not Australia but it is a part of South East Asia, Not recently but since millions of Years.
    Such anti black, anti Asian, Anti Muslim should be sent back where there 7 generation came from , meaning sent them back to Europe and they can choose Ireland or Uk or some Eastern European Country to Live . (Dirty Ugly Pig Pauline Hanson is not considered human , she looks more a pigs Arse )
    She never is and never will be part of this 40,000 years old land.

  14. I can’t help but see the anger violence and insults in the posts above. There seem to be a lot of people who are obsessed with pork, sexual dysfunction and anuses.

    There also seem to be people who think that the Aboriginals did anything to advance mankind before the Brits opened up Australia; this delusion is laughable. The Aboriginals migrated to Australia just as the colonists did.

    Oh and for Maroonji, who obviously is beyond education, the Australian Continent has been around a little longer than 40,000 years.

    People, it’s time for you to get a life.

    • Mr Calm Your Comments have no Substance.
      Stealing and selling resources from Aboriginal Land is no advancement for mankind.
      Building some concrete on this land does not transfers the lawful ownership of thi sland to Whites or British. Chinese people came before that Captain Cook thief. In some pictures , Chinese Migrants are shown clearly in the background.

      In Shor Pauline Hanson Fuck Off From Aboriginal Land in South East Asia and go suck some English Lords Cock.

      • > go suck some English Lords Cock.

        Eh? Piss on that! We don’t want that fetid, racist piece of shit over here thanks very much.

    • Lord Buckingham Of London Says:

      She does not belongs here in the South East Asia Region or part of it also known as Australia.
      She is not considered as a human, she is more likely a primitive Albuno mammal. She has been sucking animal cocks for living.To proove this there are picture sof her sucking dirty black dogs cock availabl eon zootube.

  15. lets fu..k Pauline HAnson Says:

    She must leave Australia and go live in UK where she belongs. This Land does not belongs to white people. Land theft does not means you own this land . It never was yours. Go and fuck off from this South Asian Land of Aborigines. The nature has just shown his anger by the QLD Floods. This land resents your ugly white stay. Just fUck off From Here

    • Buck Frain Says:

      Um…really? I was against her because of the whole racism thing. I don’t know if you’re helping.

    • “The nature has just shown his anger by the QLD Floods.”

      No, that was a weather system that started off several 1000 Km away. These things are not done by mysterious sky-pixies, they are natural events and contain no moral message.

      Please keep up with the 21st century.

  16. This Racist Cunt Pauline Fucking Hanson wants to cheat on Australian Taxpayers Again, This convicted fraudster should still be in Jail. She should be barred for applying as a candidate for All Australian elections including Municipal.What a nasty racial infestation of Aboriginal Land by a foreign pig Pauline Fucking Hanson

  17. People of the central west have come to know Jeremy through his tireless and outspoken campaigning. Jeremy has led debates and been a courageous and progressive voice on issues such as:

    Water security for the communities of NSW through expansion of water recycling and stormwater harvesting
    Reconciliation and engagement with Aboriginal communities through statements of commitment by local government and facilitation of better health outcomes for Aboriginal people.
    Fighting for the retention, reinstatement of NSW’s passenger and rail freight services, and ensuring that appropriate investment is made by government in new rail infrastructure and services.
    Closing the gap on the provision and accessibility of mental and dental health services for communities in regional and remote NSW.
    Acknowledging the enormous cost to food security and the health of the Murray Darling Basin if there continues to be inadequate action on climate change. Demanding an end to the approval by the NSW government of new or expanded coal mines.
    Ensuring the food security of NSW and Australia by promoting local, sustainable food production, and that the agricultural productivity of NSW is not further diminished by the expansion and operation of the mining sector.

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