Hiatus, not dead!

Balls and Arse!!! Fuck you, Oliver Coppin, I’m not dead – I’m just a lazy bastard!

I apologise, dear readers, for deserting you for so long. I had a rather nasty bout of contentment there for a while which very nearly proved fatal. However, thanks largely to the grace of ridiculous, archaic fictions and the inescapable facts that: (a) the world is fucked and: (b) the majority of people are either stupid, complete cunts or both, I pulled through and return to you more or less intact.

I must thank planetross, sweetchief and Corinna for your concern, enquiring as to my well-being. My sincere thanks. It took you long enough, you fuckers!!! I could have been trapped under my fridge starving to death in the most ironic way possible and no-one would have been any the wiser. Nobody would have given a flaming shit sandwich! I could have been one of those sad fucks who dies and no bastard notices until the stench of decomposing lonely wanker interferes with their TV reception. But, thankfully, I didn’t. I’m still here, large as life as twice as shitty.

I’ve got heaps of time on my hands now I’m back at work in market research hell being wobbled by imbecilic, malevolent monstrosities and it’s been over 40˚C for the last 3 days so it feels like real hell. I should soon be able to vent to you about all of the many things that have given me the absolute cunt during my hiatus from divine fury.

I realise this is a bit of a nothing post. Again, sorry. To compensate, here’s a little bit about me:


Can’t even be bothered typing it out again…lazy fucker!

14 Responses to “Hiatus, not dead!”

  1. Glad to have you back! I enjoy reading your angry notes…. wait that sounds too cheerful huh?

    I’m in Melbourne too, I HATE this freakin’ 40’s weather!

  2. Happily your period of contentment is over!
    Welcome back!

  3. Hooray!! You’re back!

  4. Aw, never worry, we’d not leave you flailing to death under your fridge. Without at least checking it for beer first.

    Glad to see you back.

  5. Welcome back . If I can’t this place then neither can you.

  6. *leave^

    even.. fuck!

  7. You selfish, lazy, inconsiderate cunt. I thought you were dead. I even posted notices looking to see if anyone had stumpled across a frustrated, bitter, angry, cynical prick, but the only calls I got were from friends of Russel Crowe. I’m assuming that you met a girl, and had a marvellous summer of love, and just when you thought that maybe god isn’t such a cunt afterall, he has done the big ‘gottcha!’ and you got dumped for some model named Brendan. Anyway, welcome back Buck.

  8. Hans Licht Says:

    Welcome back Your Angriness.
    Please post some indignation forth with! Before I scoop out my eyes and feed them to my own fundamental orifice from having to sit through all the Obama-rama.
    Why is it that some of us get so excited by the Sepos voting in a guy who appears to have some moral fortitude? Shouldn’t that be a starting point? Ooo so the cheese-wiz eating un-surrender monkeys elected a black guy. Big “F” Mac deal. We’re all still fucked.

  9. Well, the author of that “God’s final witness” crap may not be so far from reality. Even though it is unlikely to start before a few decades, and even though it has nothing to do with God, or apostle John or thunder strikes.

    It’s such a simple reality.

    What will happen when we run out of oil?

    here’s a hint for you: Madmax 3, only without aliens and sculptural women.

  10. Bout time you came back. That fucking clown picture was beginning to turn me into a peadophile.

  11. Welcome back Buck. Your dulcet tones were missed over the break. Please don’t leave us that long again?

  12. Sweetchief Says:

    Welcome back you angry cuntoxen! Whatever cunting God there is, I hope he blesses your golden heart! Eagerly waiting your next assault. May I suggest a poll for another 10? Mabey 20? people who need to be smashed and you can write “the truth” about them? Cheers

  13. Naanbread Says:

    Belated welcome back, Buck. The internet hasn’t been angry enough since you left us. I resorted to reading abusive comments underneath youtube videos, and while they gave me a good dose of rage, they are sorely lacking in wit. All bile, no style. After all, insane ranting Christian Bale types may come and go, but Buck Frain is forever!

  14. fatoldbitch Says:

    You are heaps better than Maddox, but dont let your performance slip, my Melbourne friend ~ so no more long breaks, nnnn’kay? I’d like to die ironically, can you think of any more ways than under a fridge? Run over by an ambulance? Getting beaten to death in a Peace demonstration? You think of more, coz I aint funny.

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