It’s The McNews, McBitches!!!

Back when I started publishing my rage I did a post on McDonald’s and how fuckin’ furious they make me. Some people got it and naturally I also got a bunch of comments from gormless fuck-stains in denial about the corporate evil being perpetrated by corporations like McDonald’s. To all those fuck-stains: eat my shit, you suck!!!

Now I find this story saying McDonald’s have begun paying to have their product placed in news programs. ON THE FUCKING NEWS!!! The traditional territory of at least some illusion of impartiality has become an open field for corporate spruiking through product placement. Objectivity? Eat my arse! Naturally, the dirty, whoring, sycophant executives accepting this filthy lucre have been keen to state that maccas won’t be influencing news content at all. But how can we believe them? Do we realistically believe they would ever dare bite that big, fat, clown-hand now feeding them.

Recent statistics reveal obesity as the fastest growing cause of death in our country [sips from McDonald’s cup, winks at camera] but this tastes great and there are healthy options now too, so keep eating the grease, kids, and just get your doorways widened!

This marks a new low in media whorishness. Why even call it news anymore? How can we even tell when the commercials are over? This really shits my bed – any news program that accepts sponsorship in this way should be fire-bombed on principle. The only reasonable answer to this level of desperate, money-grubbing emptiness is with uncensored, mindless violence. Oh, yeah, anger management, incarceration – yeah, I’m the crazy person, I mean we live in a world where nothing exists that cannot be bought, but I’m the terrorist! I implore the benevolent scientists out there working on The Stupid Bomb to redouble their efforts. Bring on the fuckhead apocalypse! Fuckin’ stupid humans!


So it’s not funny – fuck you, I never said it was. You want funny, go here.

6 Responses to “It’s The McNews, McBitches!!!”

  1. Sponsoring the news is no recent phenomena. Back when cigarette commercials were on TV, I’m sure the tobacco industry threw a lot of money at them to have their product advertised during the commercial breaks.
    Product placement on the news! It is a new low.

    Maybe they will be rating terrorist alerts and UV ray cautions with cheeseburgers now: “Be on special alert, it’s a 4 cheeseburger day out there today”. 🙂

    “That’s the news; Have a Happy Meal Day today”.

  2. Well you said it yourself. This post not in the humorous vein. In fact, this article is cynical in the extreme and shows little faith in people to make responsible choices.

    It’s a bloody cack. Keep it up, Buck!

  3. Acrimony Says:

    On the Gold Coast the police are now handing out Mcdonalds vouchers to any ‘youths’ seen doing the right thing. So not only has the police force been recruited by the Mcfuckers to do their advertising, but the police have clearly given up trying to punish people doing the wrong thing, and instead are trying to bribe people into being law abiding citizens. Because I’m sure if he had a Macca’s voucher, a drug fucked cunt would have thought twice about stealing all my electrical appliances.

  4. Everyone’s got a price right 😉

  5. Fuck Buck Says:

    hahaha!!! totally agree with acrimony.
    Plus your post here sucks buck. you… fuck.

  6. I don’t take the news seriously now, so overt product placement isn’t going to change that. I tend to see the news (esp. on tv) as a propaganda machine for the ruling classes so the behaviour of the masses can be better controlled.

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