Door-to-door Euthanasia – The Business Of The Future!

I had a great idea for a direct marketing business today. It just came to me. Door-to-door Euthanasia. Genius! Think about it:- The planet’s chronically overpopulated, we’re consuming natural resources at a thoroughly unsustainable rate and we’re polluting our environment to an extent that the planet will be uninhabitable by humans within 100 years. The human race is done. Most people are already killing themselves, in a slow, cowardly consumerist way at least: cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, drugs, mobile phones, driving whilst doing any or all of the former. Most of these people recognise the subtly suicidal undertones to these behaviours. Most of these people also wouldn’t be able to give you any decent justification for their continuing existence on the planet. It’s a pretty easy sell.

Huddled into their dingy homes crammed with unused exercise machines and sporting memorabilia, glued to commercial TV banality, stuffing their obese bodies with fatty home delivered death, all the while decaying intellectually and spiritually, and refusing to participate in the affluent democracy that spawned them. All they want is someone to show them a product they can buy, that doesn’t require any effort on their part other than an outlay of cash, and that will solve all their problems – forever.

It’s just an idea at this stage and I realise I’d have to dress it up with some quasi-spiritual promise of wealth, stardom and beauty in some sort of afterlife. Not to mention a serious money-back guarantee, but I’m on to something, that’s for sure.

Oh fuck, I’ve turned into Satan! I gotta start looking for another line of work, I don’t think I’m very well.

7 Responses to “Door-to-door Euthanasia – The Business Of The Future!”

  1. Who r these ‘people’? The one’s you see on your banal commercial TV? Perhaps you should euthanase yourself.

  2. Hans Licht Says:

    You’re NOT very well Buck. And for that I’m glad.

  3. Hans Licht Says:

    Oh… and where can i sign up? You just have to have a web site!

  4. I think there should be a game of bingo involved somehow: everyone likes bingo!

    clickety click 666 ………

  5. If there weren’t all these horrible, stupid, obese cretins out there, who could I look at to make myself feel better?

  6. Hey mann, I know it almost definately seems like a spam-plug for people to come visit my journal thingy, but it’s not.

    All freakin honesty, I just thought I’d leave you this link where I talk bout you in my journal, you kinda brighten my day dude.

    Think of it as a free ego-boost thingy for the next time you have a crap day with the wobblers k?

    Take care, – merley

  7. Hey, I realise this blog was a while ago, but it made me think of the organ donor scene in Monty Python – The Meaning of Life.

    Loving the blog btw. Thanks for helping me procrastinate, this is a highly entertaining way to not do my term papers… 😀

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