Nick D’Arcy – Ambassador For A Nation Of Convicts.


Fuckin’ sporto jockstrap boof-head wankers! In this country, they are a priviledged class that sits above the rest of us mere mortals purely because of a genetic predisposition to be good at sport. They get worshipped, pampered and paid exorbitant amounts for playing games. It may be heresy to say in sport-obsessed Australia but what they do is of NO benefit to society. I don’t really care about any of that, what really shits my bed is that the Australian public are happy for athletes to flout the law, behave like reprobates and still be held up in the international sphere as paragons of our society.


Nick D’Arcy, the swimmer charged with assault over breaking another athlete’s cheek, jaw and palate when drunk and full of himself, looks as though he’ll still be going to represent Australia at the Beijing Olympics. The AOC and The Court of Arbitration For Sport are tying themselves up in knots trying to find a decent justification for letting him go that won’t make them look like the supporters of criminal violence that they are. I was disgusted to read this piece of apologist bullshit in The Age, desperately trying to illicit sympathy for a man who should be in prison rather than being endorsed as a cultural ambassador of his country.


The AOC is obliged to consider the consequences for D’Arcy if he is booted out. Cyclist Jobie Dajka was kicked out of the Athens team in 2004 after lying to a drug inquiry. Three years of depression and alcoholism ensued, and a suspended jail term for an assault on a cycling coach. “I was drinking six litres of wine a day to numb the pain,” Dajka said last month.


What the fuck was that? If he’s punished he might become a sad, violent substance abuser? Big fucking deal! He’s already a violent substance abuser, the only difference is he might get sad. What? Don’t most criminals become depressed when punished for their offences? Is that because punishment is not nice? Why is it we don’t feel sorry for ordinary crims? Could it be because the lousy fucks aren’t any good at sport? Yeah, what fucking losers!


What the ball-chafing fuck is wrong with this country? It’s Newton’s Third Law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Just because sportspeople are too thick to be able to comprehend the consequences of their actions does not mean they should be exempt from those consequences. Yes, people fuck up. But the way people learn to not fuck up is through consequences. If a normal person gets drunk and smashes another person’s skull in a momentary fit of drunken rage, they go to prison. Any average crim would get laughed at if they said, Yeah, sorry I bashed him but can I still go to that sports carnival? The judge would say No, fucktard, you cannot. You can get a jolly good rogering from your cellmate for a couple of years while you learn to control yourself?


I’m well aware Nick D’Arcy probably feels pretty bad about what he’s done, as he fuckin’ well should, but I’d wager that most of why he feels bad is because he stands to lose something he cares about. Punishment has no meaning if it doesn’t hurt, so fuck him! 


The AOC needs to get its shit together and take a hard line on boof-head Nick D’Arcy. He’s a fucking criminal and, good athlete or not, he shouldn’t represent Australia in Beijing. If he does, we might as well teach our children to fight and tell them that bullying is fine if you’re good at sport. We might as well make certain our kids forget everything in their lives except sport because if you’re good at sport you can bash and rape your way through life with impunity. This is Australia. We’re convicts. Get fucked!!!

7 Responses to “Nick D’Arcy – Ambassador For A Nation Of Convicts.”

  1. Old Gregg Says:

    I just read that article in the Age, and on top of being somewhat shocked to find something like that in an apparently reputable newspaper, I kind of fell in love with the ridiculous writing style of the piece, which seems more at home on a current affair. Particularly this line:

    “Much was shattered that fateful night: Cowley’s face, the swim team’s blithe spirit, D’Arcy’s dream.”

    I love the comparison of a shattered face to a shattered dream. There’s a dark poetry there, yes sir.

  2. Hurrah!

  3. I can’t believe this is happening yet again…I really thought that this time the powers that be were going to step up to the plate and make an example out of D’arcy but they are just a bunch of hypocritical ****wits…Mind you, I bet this would not have been the case had D’arcy been an indigenous sportsman…I am sure if that had been the case the full arm of the Law would have come crushing down at him at full throttle.

  4. Did you know Michael Schumacher only made his F1 debut because a French driver sprayed MACE in the face of a Taxi driver? There’s every likelyhood that Australia has another young guy who’d love a chance to go swim in China later this year. D’Arcy not being banned is robbing anonymous young bloke a shot, but no ones talking about injustice there…

  5. Jesus, what a load of dribble! First of all, how the hell is D’Arcy a criminal? Last I checked he hadn’t been convicted in a Court of Law? And what ever happened to a presumption of innocence? Innocent until proven guilty? I like many others don’t know the exact details of what happened on that fateful evening in March, unless you know more than the average punter, why should you be jumping to conclusions?

    What’s going to happen if he’s found not guilty in a Court of Law, but still kept from realising his dream in Beijing?

  6. I feel the media are blowing this up big time and Nick is paying for there one sided opinion big time, fair enough he hit the guy and made a mistake, but that punishment is for the courts to decide, not people who believe everything they read in the media.
    Something must have happened for him to hit the guy so unless we know all the details who are we to decide.
    I have actually met Nick once before a couple of years ago and my impression of him was that he was a real great polite kid so I think the country could do with more of your so called boof-head wankers.

    Let Nick swim and leave it for the courts to decide on his punishment, or should I say more punishment.

  7. Buck Frain Says:

    @ Spider
    You Ballbag! Innocence? What, do you think he’s being framed by the Dutch? Those sneaky Dutch! I don’t think there is a great deal of question that he inflicted massive injury on Simon Cowley after having consumed too much booze. There may well be mitigating circumstances but I still don’t think D’Arcy qualifies as much of a cultural representative.

    @ azza
    You’re a yobbo and a tool. Just because he didn’t bash you when you met him doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. Have you ever listened to the neighbours of criminals talk about how polite they were and they’d never have suspected? No-one who was there has spoken out in support of D’Arcy’s behaviour. What sort of provocation would lead you to be satisfied he did the right thing in breaking Cowley’s face? If Cowley called him a tool, would that be enough? What provocation would you need azza? Not much, I suspect. No matter how good a swimmer he is, I don’t think the country needs more binge drinkers with poor impulse control and egotistic violent tendencies.

    @ any other jockstrap apologists out there
    He’s 20 years old. He’s looking at being banned from ONE swimming meet. That’s not the end of a career, it’s just one carnival. A big one perhaps, but not THE END! Not unless he quits. Yeah, he may miss out on lucrative sponsorship deals in the short term, but that’s got nothing to do with having a CAREER in sport does it? Or does it? Is the cash all the little chump’s really worried about? If he does quit for being banned I’d suggest it indicates swimming doesn’t really mean that much to him. It would be a petulant, rich-kid response to being legitimately punished for having screwed up.

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