Have you GOT faith or do you just WISH you had?

As an atheist, I find faith a very interesting concept. I like the idea of it in some ways, a tendency towards hope and positivity, a belief, sometimes against logic, that everything will be alright. I think it allows people to achieve wonderful things in the face of terrible adversity and promotes some of the best attributes of humanity.

The sad thing is that so few people today actually have any faith at all.  You don’t have to look too far to see the faithful showing off the flimsiness of their faith. Have a look at any of the blogs that are in any way anti-religious or even those that just satirise or poke fun at religion and you’ll see the faithful going out of their minds. They scream the most incisive vitriol at the blasphemers, they forsake, in text, every value they have sworn to uphold, simply because someone else either doesn’t value their faith or holds an opposing view. That, to me, indicates that maybe they don’t really have any faith whatsoever, they just want to have it. Fearful people alone in the universe, like children afraid of the dark. Remember kids, all anger is a product of fear – take it from me, I should know. Surely if you have solid faith in an omnipotent God, you’re not foolish enough to think that God needs your dumb arse sticking up for Him. Can’t an all-powerful being stick up for Himself? More importantly, how strong is your faith in this God, if at the first sign of ridicule or difference you toss all his commandments away and start behaving like a terrorist? My God’s bigger than your God!

From the ancient Greeks through to fundamentalists of all denominations today, the faithful seem hell bent on endowing their deities with very human frailties. I thought the whole point of religion was to believe in something greater than humanity, a superior intelligence, a supreme being, something that transcends our shortcomings here and now and leads towards a better future by encouraging us to surpass our baser natures. So how the millions-of-mindless-shitheads do you explain the violent actions of the faithful all around the world today? Most people just don’t think it through, in fact most people don’t think at all. The vast majority of the faithful use faith as an excuse to not use their brain. Woohoo, I’ve got Jesus, there’s no need to question anything ever again! Fuck you! Faith doesn’t absolve you of the need to think. If there is one thing we can be certain of looking at history, it’s that religion has repeatedly been used by evil men to control the stupid. But maybe there’s a few people who enjoy that. Maybe there are people who love having a religious loophole that allows them to hate and murder with impunity. If so, it doesn’t appear very Godly from the outside.

The photograph at the top of this post my inspiration today. It’s a photograph by Andres Serrano of a small plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine and entitled Piss Christ. A copy of it was torn up in the U.S. Senate by an outraged politician and when it was displayed in Melbourne some young chump smashed its display and an angry mob tried to have the exhibition shut down. The brainless faithful missed the point and resorted to hatred and violence rather than trying to understand or appreciate a beautiful image. Makes me think if Jesus did bother to come back, it would probably be his own faithful who would kill him this time, not just hired Roman goons.

8 Responses to “Have you GOT faith or do you just WISH you had?”

  1. Hi ,

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  2. Buck Frain Says:

    Get help, Joe, you’re fucked in the head!

  3. Love the photo, Joe needs help, like the article.

    To quote MASH:

    “Klinger, I thought you were an atheist?”

    “I gave it up for lent.”

  4. Old Gregg Says:

    I was waiting for the religion post, and here it is! Hurrah! You’re right; some people seem to think that faith is enough, and that if you’ve got a Bible (or any religious text) on your bedside table, you don’t need to venture beyond it. Blind faith isn’t real faith – it’s faith IN SPITE of things rather than faith BECAUSE OF things. Backward-pedalling bollocks.

    Anyway what the hell is that Joe guy’s post about? It’s too long, I can’t be bothered with it.

  5. Hans Licht Says:

    Joseph has a beard. BUT HE HASN’T GOT A CHIN.

    Why hasn’t political correctness extended to requiring a prefix of “my” in front of every reference to god? I think it would lend a more realistic sanctimony to Jo’s already sanctimonious ranting. After reading some Richard Dawkins a couple of years back, every time I read “God”, somewhere off to my left I here a little Jack Black voice say “his” or “hers”… See how PC I am? Fuck you, you pigeon crotched fellator!

    Of course Jo may be ranting with his tongue wedged firmly in his cheek. In which case I say BRAVO and Amen.

  6. I once came across an interesting artice on the web called “why doesn’t God heal amputees” which I think you’d probably like to read (google will find it). I don’t have a religion and personally believe that blind faith is possibly the most destructive thing in society.

  7. Cherax destructor Says:

    Fuck the good-botherers…. If I ever need an invisible friend to talk to I’ll invent my own. And he’ll be a shitload more fun than the boring, vengeful cunt they talk to!

  8. Halle-fuckin’-lujah!

    The amount of times I’ve had self-righteous assholes tell me (over the ‘net) that my point of view is wrong… and the worst part is, the pricks don’t even have the guts to stand their ground.
    No. They just post their reply and fuck off believing that all is good in the world and that they have just righted an affront to ‘god’.

    Of course, the moment you bring up things like the Inquisition they go very, very quiet.

    Gutless wonders, the lot of them.

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