10 People I’d Love To Smash – #8.

#8: Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is a complete arse. Racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, smug, private school fuckhead. He’s a voice of idiocy, denial, bigotry and the most malignant kind of stupidity unfortunately tolerated in society. The only difficulty with freedom of speech is having to listen to cunts like Bolt. However, the truly frightening things are that he is paid for the social cancer that is his opinion and that the previous government placed so much stock in him. The fuckers quoted him like he was Jesus, only an evil, fear-monger Jesus.

For those of you unfamiliar with his work here’s a snapshot of Boltworld:

  • Global warming is a fiction invented by hippies and malcontents.
  • The Stolen Generation (a holocaust for indigenous Australians) never happened.
  • The war in Iraq has already been won –yeah, by the U.S.A et al.
  • It’s all those non-white people who are the real racists and we should treat them with fear and suspicion if they can’t easily be subjugated.
  • Gay marriage is the same as polygamy.
  • Finding Nemo is preaching dangerous nonsense to our children – this is a personal favourite.

Let me frame this by saying Andrew Bolt is a professional columnist and associate editor for Rupert Murdoch’s Herald Sun newspaper. Now, I’m not a journalist, I’m just an angry bastard, but I’d like to think that on my good days at least I make some sense. Bolt’s writing has no journalistic integrity, he works back from pre-decided conclusions and then beats or cooks the facts into a shape where they appear to prove said conclusions. Even at the expense of logic. He won’t even allow negative comment on his blog site, difference of opinion is just too challenging – racism and idiocy is fine but genuine criticism is off-limits.

For a taste of Bolt’s own wankery go here.

For articulate and dedicated criticism of Bolt go here.

For me, it’s Sunday and I’m going to leave you with this: Andrew Bolt is a psychological terrorist and he should be sent to Guantanamo Bay and water-boarded. In another time he’d have been a Nazi sympathiser, he wouldn’t have had the stomach for hands-on fascism but he’d have been happy to be a propagandist or to turn on the gas in the showers. Feel free to say whatever you like about the article or me – I don’t give a fuck – Bolt’s a twat, his continued popularity simply demonstrates that there’s no shortage of ignorance in this country!

13 Responses to “10 People I’d Love To Smash – #8.”

  1. Old Gregg Says:

    Although I can’t back this up with a link, my personal favourite Bolt moment was a few years back when he attempted to create a link between membership to the Greens Party and facism, based on the fact that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. Cuntastic.

  2. Recent Bolt lowlight, re: Barack Obama: “If that’s what being treated black now means in America, make me black, too! Indeed, that’s probably the best motive Obama has for being black”.

    I can’t even get angry at Bolt; he’s too ridiculous. I just hope that one day he turns a street corner and falls into a pit of live rats.

  3. Felicity Says:

    Oh my god YES!! I hate the prick, although I will admit to looking up his latest pile of shit on the Herald Scum website for a laugh at him. But then I feel dirty and ashamed after.

  4. He is a absolute tool!

  5. Wow, glad I’ve never heard of this prick, or had to put up with this bullshit. How does he get away with making such absurd comments and being quoted like he himself is a scientific researcher. I mean such bold comments should be disregarded as crap considering they are based on a whole lot of nothing. Good choice by the way.

  6. Cherax destructor Says:

    Bolt’s a complete arsehat! He makes a living regurgitating any chunk of right-wing idiocy that’s currently in fashion. The waste of a wad wouldn’t last five minutes in a serious debate, which is why he lives a life protected behind his heavily edited blogs! Basically, he needs fucking with a posthole digger!

  7. Bolt is a fucking jew loving cunt. You cunts who wrote this blog are worse though.

  8. anthropogenic global warming is proven to be a scam with all the scientific evidence and logic against it. There is ZERO evidence for it. Perhaps all the globalist hippy gutless scum should do some research before praying to gaia and licking eco fascist oppressor bumhole. The Earth has been warming for over 200 years well before humans had an impact. The mediaeval warm period was hotter than today, there is no mid tropospheric ‘hotspot’ proving the IPCC wrong. There is no human signature in the trend the 70s to 2000 incline being repeated several times even before the turn of the century. It has barely warmed in the last 15 years, sea level rise has not increased, ocean temperature has not increased, polar bears are in record numbers, antarctic ice is at record highs, alarmist scientists caught manipulating data, surface temp stations put next to generators etc. It’s over whelmingly against the Alarmists’ baseless fear-mongering. If there’s one person I’d love to smash so hard that his nose bones get pummeled through the back of his skull, it’s George Monbiot, the worst piece of pustulous, maggot-ridden camel ass-crack jam ever to ooze out from under a shit-covered rock. Closely followed by the gormless, low IQ, hipster eco-fascist nazi youth that worship alarmism and can’t think for themselves but are blinded by the brown shirt power they can finally have.

  9. Fucken cunt for sure!

  10. Caliphate Says:

    Vile Infidel.
    Allah will sly him.

  11. I used to watch him until I read ummm some factual information. Like you said he can dish it out in spades but cries like a little bitch at the slightest critisism. And what he says is stuff I can think of anyway, seriously. I’m very average I assure you. The population needs to be educated a bit! But a lot of people don’t want to. How does he sleep I don’t know smug biased wimpy cunt. He hides behind his keyboard! He probably couldn’t say what he writes to a kid face to face. I wouldn’t care about him but he incites and reinforces the worst in society to all that follow him

  12. Gordon Melville Says:

    He fucks his children I bet yet, the sooner his pathetic face is smashed in with a brick I’ll be a happy man.

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