10 People I’d Love To Smash – #7

#7: Natalie Bassingthwaighte

If her surname alone wasn’t enough to make you want to smash her, the person herself seals the deal easily. Channel 10’s product, Bashing-twat is a portrait of bland Australian mediocrity at its most saccharine and fucked. Made a household name through her acting in the Channel 10 soap/crime-against-humanity Neighbours, she went on to pursue a singing career with The Rogue Traders, a cuntfully awful band shamelessly promoted by Channel 10 to little end. Most people still know they’re shit, despite contrived appearances to paid enthusiasm on Big Brother and anywhere else Channel 10 could squeeze them in. As a solo artist, she completely fucked her half of the duet Don’t Give Up with Channel 10’s own Shannon Noll and all the post-production in the world couldn’t hide her vocal shitness. Nowadays you can find her on Channel 10 hosting So You Think You Can Dance. I don’t care what you think of the show, Bashing-twat makes me so angry I want to smash my own house to pieces, her voice and her stupid fucking head just piss me off. I haven’t read her book, Sistahood : A Journal of Self-Discovery  that she wrote with her own sista. Get FUCKED!!!! I fucking hate the way she’s used hip-hop spelling to give herself cred with the kids. EAT MY SHIT, YOU CUNT! I won’t be reading it, even though it’s the first thing she’s done without the help of the Channel 10 puppeteers, I’m fuckin’ over it all.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte is fucking useless. Can’t act, can’t sing, can’t fucking present and with all the Botox she’s had, the poor bitch can’t even pull a face. She’s utter crap, a quasi-blonde façade, fashioned by Channel 10 executives to bore the masses into submission and make us crave a commercial break for the honest retail relief it brings. She should be taken away and quietly poisoned for the soulless, vacuous, generic mediocrity she fronts.


15 Responses to “10 People I’d Love To Smash – #7”

  1. next time you see NAT on TV watch her eyes roll back in her head – is she reading the teleprompter or are those messages coming directly from the devil (or perhaps even more frightening – GOD)?

  2. Why do we have these fuckwits all over the media? I hate the way that the public are treated like idiots, being served utter crap day after day.

    I’ve learned the value of a good book… and the Discovery Channel.

  3. lol its funny. you complain about someone that you dont even know, dont have to watch, dont have to listen to, except obviously you still do? and you are angry? wow. poor you. get a life and see a shrink.

  4. The LEGEND you are!

    My *GAWD*!

    Her face is so ANNOYING!

    Deadpan, completely and utterly BORING, the botox makes her look frozen in “superbitch” mode and she always talks down to contestants like they’re little kids; almost as bad as the audience, prompting them “Weren’t they GREAT everybody? Yeeeah!”

    I’m half expecting her to tell everyone to get out their colouring books and crayons and start freakin DRAWING, like a goddamn kindergarten teacher!

    I actually keep a diary on how much I hate connex, I have my little conspiracy theories and nicknames for stereotyped annoying passengers and all. We should collaborate, LOL.

    Despite the excessive swearing (Which is sometimes SO needed in this day and age) your vocabulary absolutely astounds me! At the risk of sounding freakish it’s like I’ve found my exact bloody double, LOL!

    Anywho, keep on writin’ man! I’ll be checking back every now and then for more bashing of people and things! – merley

  5. Hans Licht Says:

    AHA go to https://buckfrain.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/smile-its-not-that-bad/ and stop googling that which you wish you were. It’s vacuous, do gooder, arse kissing, suck hole, barren “fans” like you that let quasi people like Bassingthwaight get away with what they get away with. Polluting our epoch with smarmy smarm smarm.

  6. She does this twitchy thing with her nose that makes me wanna smash her for sure. She is retarted as a host, and you are a great writer, keep it up Buck Frain.

  7. botox will make your face look funny, but so will snorting an assload of coke.. just saying.

  8. Turn off your tv’s and radios like me.I cant stand this shit anymore.

  9. Im from nz, I watched alot of ‘so you think you can dance’ and this bitch is a FUCKING GIMP. Someone needs to get rid of the bitch cause shes not doing your country any favours.

  10. Cherax destructor Says:

    Cant sing, cant act… But may still be useful properly lubed-up and bent over…

  11. slaughtermay Says:

    …yeah she has nice feet though 🙂

  12. as far as the internet go’s,you are the closest thing to a soul-mate Ive encountered!…..your total contempt for our sporting/media/entertainment (term used loosely) celebutards is refreshing and encouraging for us out there who feel we are bashing our heads against a wall fighting this juggernaut of Australian stupidity!….98% of Australian “personalities” (lol) should be bundled off to “Question Time” and someone could quietly rectify a lot of home problems by bowling in a few random hand grenades…sure, it probably wouldn’t kill them all,but at least they’d have sumthing more substantial with which to concern themselves other than contract renewal and boring the living shit out of ‘thinking’ people!….”Kill the Lizard People”!

  13. Don’t watch that shit but I’d make a mess on her face (even though 4,000 have gone before me)

  14. fuck her first

  15. Cameron Says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard reading a blog site in years… well played

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