10 People I’d Love To Smash – #4

#4: Thomas Towle

If only it was against the law to be fucked in the head. If only there was some sort of test that everyone had to do to weed out the Criminally Fucked In The Head from the rest of us in order that regular citizens might be made a little safer. I’m not talking intellectual elitism, just filtering out the toxically imbecilic.


If it wasn’t in the news you’d never believe anyone could actually be this much of a fuckhead.


Imagine:  You used to have a problem with smack and amphetamines. That’s OK because you’re on methadone now. Although tonight you haven’t had your medication and you’re drunk instead. So you get in the car. Pissed. You’ve got a string of offences under your belt for drink-driving, driving while disqualified, you name it, you’re a serial offender when it comes to vehicles. Next, you put your kids in the car. Nine year old daughter in the back seat and your four year old son, who wants to drive like Dad, well what would any dad do? You put him on your knee and let him steer. Before you leave, your brother asks you if you’ve seen all the kids from the party down the road. You say you have. He tells you to be careful driving back. What happens next?


Because you’re Criminally Fucked In The Head, this: You drive at speeds of up to 150km/h with your four year old in your lap until you lose control of the car and plough into the group of teenagers you were warned about, killing six and wounding eight. Then… you run away, leaving your children, one of whom is also injured, behind in your car.


But, hang on, you then tell someone else to call an ambulance. I mean… you don’t call anyone yourself but you get it done, you’re not a monster.



Thomas Towle is appealing the 10 year sentence he has just received for six counts of dangerous driving causing death and four of dangerous driving causing serious injury, despite the fact that he could be out in only five years from now. Friends and relatives describe him as a very nice quiet person. He is a loving boy. He has always been lovely.


Rottweilers are often described as lovely by their owners, but they get put to sleep after mauling a child. Thomas Towle is a rottweiler who mauled 14 children. He’s human excrement. He should be used as a fucking speed hump. Nice guy? I don’t care. 10 years? Fuck you! This level of fuckheadedness should not be tolerated by society. He should never see the light of day again. What possible benefit does society gain by having someone like him re-introduced back into it? He is pathologically stupid, he’s an unredeemable menace to society. Why let him keep fucking up the lives of others? Fuck, I’d be happy to run the prick over, I’d back over him to make sure he was finished. It would be a mercy killing, a sweet mercy for society. Putting him out of our misery. Fuck you Thomas Towle, I hope you get stabbed in the fucking shower.

15 Responses to “10 People I’d Love To Smash – #4”

  1. I hope he gets bent over in the shower, first.

  2. Yeah, I bet those kids he killed could be described as lovely too hey? Too bad they can’t continue to live on being lovely because of this fucking prick.

  3. Hope this prick rots in hell.

  4. this pathetic piece of fucking shit will get exactly whats coming to him in prison, lets hope he gets shacked up with the biggest, meanest, horniest cunt in gaol!

    Towle, rot in hell piece of shit!

  5. This is why men were born with balls, to have the good sense to fucking blow head off cunts like this who harm their children.

    Dont piss and moan and bitch at the legal system, hes a criminal the only thing he knows and respects is criminal actions.

    So kill him, hunt him down when hes out of jail and cut his fucking throat. Any real loving father who wasnt a pissant or a complete sackless metro fag would do this.

  6. hey very blunt, straight to the point, and contraversial post……….. i like it lol most ppl are too bullshity to post teh truth, guys a wanker, 10 years in jail? no where near enough

  7. Death would be too good for this cunt.I hope he gets raped and the shite kicked out of him everyday for the rest of his pityful fucking life.

  8. As you intimat here and elsewhere, fuckwits who use a car in a manner which will *obviously* before long result in the maiming and/or death of others should be treated like the murdering scum they are and locked up for life. Seems like serial killing is otherwise just a bit of drunken fun to them.

  9. You describe towle as “human excrement”. living in Mildura, as I do, I’d have to say that using the word human is just a little to generous

  10. We should have this as a system; for every teen that he killed, he should be in jail for as many years he took away from them.
    He killed 6, they all had the potential to live at least 70 more years…..


    …..420 years jail sounds like a good FUCKIN’ idea for this cunt! LOL

  11. Wow. 10 years? That’s insane. Ugh!

  12. Svibrager Says:

    I can’t agree enough. Grr

  13. Accidents Will Happen Says:

    Disgusting. All parents of junkies would describe their children as lovely and quiet and sweet – until they’re being threatened with a sharp implement for a handful of cash by their own kid. The person is the problem, not the drug. Fuck ’em all. And fuck this cunt up.

  14. His uncle is also a “non convicted” peadophile… i know this for a fact

  15. This cunt needs to die.

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