10 People I’d Love To Smash – #3

#3: David Koch

Oh fuck and cunting Jesus! It’s Monday morning and I’ve managed to get up early enough to see this complete twat’s bald mug on the TV. Well, that’s just buggered my week. David Koch. Kochie, as he’s known by most Australians, is a smarmy ballbag. His voice is the high-pitched whine of middle-class, middle-aged, emasculated Liberal voters. The financial journalist and morning show presenter is a simpering, sycophantic right-wing reactionary fuckstick and the only reason he’s tolerated on TV at all is that he’s such a wimp that no-one feels genuinely threatened by his half-arsed-ashamedly-conservative rhetoric. He’d love nothing more than to see Australia return to John Howard’s 1950s – a world before anyone had ever had sex and when the only people you’d see on the street were white people unless they were aborigines and they weren’t even people back then so you didn’t really see them because they weren’t really there.

According to this, he’s not only won numerous awards for his contributions to finance journalism in this country, he was also Father Of The Year last year. It is terrifying that he’s managed to pass those genes on and hideous to think someone actually slept with this wanker (and more than once). People are fucking sick. According to an anonymous source who went to school with Kochie’s son – he’s a complete fuckwit too. Kochie needs to be taken to with a cricket bat. He won’t learn anything but it’d be fun for the sounds of bat on bald.


18 Responses to “10 People I’d Love To Smash – #3”

  1. Love your work.

  2. He is so fucking full of himself.

    I once saw an interview he did with Eric Bana (only tolerated kochie because I love Eric)

    anyway, Eric Bana was saying how he loves rally racing and kochie piples up with “would you like me to organise a lap around bathurst for you?”

    like c’mon kochie, you fucking self important cock spanker, you think if Eric Bana wanted a lap around Bathurst he couldn’t organise it himself with his own contacts?

    Well Eric just laughed and said “well, so many people have asked me to come do bathurst laps with them that if I let you organise it I think they’d be put out!”

    yeah kochie, you fuck wit!

  3. DobZombie Says:

    Are you sure Koshie is a liberal? I distinctly remember him catching out John Howard in that whole “vote in Labor and interest rates will go up” thing.

  4. right-wing reactionary judgemental twerp and his harem of foolish sidekicks…but instead of puking all over the tellie, and the walls ad nauseum, I just imagine him with lipstick, an afro and a man-gina. The only other newsreader that comes close is Karl on channel 9, he’s been posted on youtube under the heading ‘The worst interviewer in the world’ when he spoke? (cast aspersions) to Germaine Greer.

  5. Puppetmaster Says:

    Put This cockhead to top of the list!!! He should be at no 1.
    What a knobjockey He cant even succeed in the finance world so has to resort to plastering his ugy mug all over the tv screen, Everywhere i look i see this guys face. He’s even resorting to getting into ads!! how pathetic.
    Look at me,Look at me,Look at me. And when he does talk about the finance world, its all about his precious share market, Well David Fucking Kosh,How are you fucking shares doing this year dipstick!!!! Down about 30% dickhead. Dont get me wrong i aint bagging shares but!!!,Thats all he preaches about,shares this,shares that,shares,shares,shares,there are other investment schemes out there. i wish someone would Get this joker of tv.

  6. I reckon he’s a bully what sort of a fucking idiot would employ this cunt nevermind put him on T.V. Mel looks scared when the fuckstick goes on one of his small cock rants.Battle of the choirs? Jesus Christ! My dead grandmother would be a better presenter than David Koch.I totally want to smash him.

  7. Just give me that chance.

  8. The Cunning Punt Says:

    His head reminds me of Beaker from the Muppets…

  9. pmannau Says:

    fantastic it really hits the nail on the bulbous bald head so many funny and true comments someone needs to start a I hate David Koch website!!!!

  10. What’s this article about?


    Mels sister a HO?


  11. I hate Kochie, but he is not a liberal voter you fuckstick, he’s a fucking labor voter you cunt. He used to bag John Howard, and he has always had a cosy deal with Rudd appearing regularly on Sunrise. Get your fucking facts straight you ignorant cunt.

  12. Mate, we’re one and the same!

  13. This guy and his mate at number 10 are my all time ewwwww people.


  15. OH ….AND LIGHT IT ….????????????

  16. PLEASE >????????????????????????????????


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