10 People I’d Love To Smash – # 2.

#2: The chick off the iSelect commercials.

What an obnoxious woman, what an obnoxious campaign. The timbre of her voice seems to have been specifically chosen by the ad exec’s for its ability to stimulate bile production and unfettered rage in humans. If I ever meet someone who admits to writing that shit I’ll fucking glass them on the spot. I’ve yet to meet a person who is unmoved by or who actually appreciates these ads. Everyone I have spoken to hates them and, as a result, her with a passion. I know actors need to work, but FUCK! Show a little restraint: wait tables, do some Shakespeare-in-the-fuckin’-park. Anyone with even a couple of grey cells could tell you: That shit ain’t funny! It’s annoying, it’s fucked, it fills me with violent impulses and fuck knows I don’t need more. Health insurance? – FUCK YOU! If I ever buy health insurance I swear I’ll be happy to pay higher premiums every week for the rest of my life than give one cent to those FUCKERS. Fuck you iSelect, fuck you Camilla Jackson and your big fucking break, FUCK OFF AND DIE! She can’t act and her voice could put the veins in blue cheese. She should be used as a crash test dummy.

 You’d have to be picking you own teeth and fragments of facial bone off the road to buy health insurance any other way!

24 Responses to “10 People I’d Love To Smash – # 2.”

  1. Bravo Buck! I can’t fucking stand that fuckstick of a woman. I hate hate hate her and her bobbling blond head staring back at me on prime time television. I want to punch her in the face. Really really hard. BANG!

  2. Bahahaha… are you my lost twin?

    Everytime the fucking bimbo says “You’d have to be wrestling rhinos” or one of those lame pieces of shit she says, I want to reach through the screen and rip her tits off.

  3. Veins in blue cheese?

    I think I love you…

  4. You are all cuddling cactuses.

  5. Buck Frain Says:


  6. you’re countin’ kookaburra’s.. and i love it.

  7. I can’t stand the commercial either but let’s face it. If that’s all you’ve got to bitch about in life, you haven’t experience too much of it, have you?

    Life must be pretty good!

  8. i think i want to marry you.

    i read this and fell off my chair laughing, then forwarded the url to my mates so they could appreciate someone hating that damn skank as much as we do.

  9. I could not have said it better myself! mate, youve got it spot on!!

  10. I want to hire you!!!!!
    Your a comic genius! Please do one on Rove! I can’t stand that little twit!

  11. Once again, another company that offers such a poor deal that the advertisers must really scratch their heads trying to think up something to say, without getting consumer affairs on their arse.

  12. what a fuckwit i hate that bitch

  13. YES!!! I fucking hate that ad!

  14. You are all bogan morons.
    These ads WORK and the company has gone from strength to strength since running these ads.
    Carrying on like angry little dorks on the internet like this only helps their cause more… as they say any exposure is good exposure.

    I can’t believe someone could have such an empty life as to create a website bagging out a girl on an advertising campaign…
    It looks like a case of running something down if you cant have it.

    You pimply-faced recalcitrant geeks need to get laid!

  15. That little fuckpuppet needs a good skull n arse fuckin then she’d be fuckin puffin muffins n tossin possums…..

  16. OMG!! Dazza that is absolutely hilarious!! Am still choking with laughter & tears are falling…I’m gonna pinch it! Hope you don’t mind, Cheers!

  17. Dazza – you’re a dork, you probably drive a Commodore… or aspire to…
    Bimbojen – well, your name says it all…

  18. The Cunning Punt Says:

    Annoying skank, but I’d still give ‘er one if she’d just shut the fuck up for a while…

  19. Richard Bastard Says:

    Dream on Cunning Punt,
    The chances of her letting you with in a million miles of her action are completely non-existent!
    Maybe you should just stick to wanking over your picture magazine.

  20. The Cunning Punt Says:

    No problems Dicky boy! And may I just say your mother came up very nicely with a bit of airbrushing…

  21. sugarplumfairy Says:

    fuck off richard bastard.

  22. Richard Bastard Says:

    Sugarplumfairy, you seem to feel very strongly about the plight of one Mr. Cunning Punt…
    Could it be possible that you are actually a real life ‘fairy’, trolling the internet for brainless macho men like Cunning Punt?

    It certainly feels that way… I am moved by your passion, uh dude…

  23. Yeh but she’s hot!

  24. Buck you are my hero!

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